Ultimate Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

SPECTRAN V5 Command Center

9kHz-20GHz | 350MHz RTBW

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The SPECTRAN V5 Command Center is, with its real-time bandwidth of up to 350MHz, an obvious all-in-one solution for all RF applications. It’s equipped with the newest hardware and up to two spectrum analyzer units, that can work combined. The Command Center is the go-to solution for broadband frequency surveillance and a part of our Drone Detection System (External Link).

The V5 Command Center offers incredible 350MHz real-time bandwidth and a frequency range from 9kHz up to 20GHz. The Windows based system was developed specifically for mobile broadband frequency surveillance and drone detection, but it can be used for any and all RF applications. The two Full-HD monitors together with the high-performance hardware offer the required space and power in order to be able to measure, record and analyze signals over multiple bands simultaneously.

• Frequency range from 9kHz up to 20GHz (with low frequency option)
• Real-time bandwidth of up to 350MHz
• Up to 8 TB SSD (Hard Disk / Storage)
• Automatic Triggers programmable
• Simultaneous surveillance of multiple bands (3G, 4G, WLAN...)
• Real-time and sweep spectrum analyzer in one
• Including software with daily updates

Broadband Surveillance
The SPECTRAN V5 Command Center is a perfect solution for broadband surveillance. The 350Mhz real-time bandwidth in combination with the new RTSA Suite Software make it possible to monitor multiple frequency bands simultaneously in real-time. You could monitor 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM900, GSM1800, WLAN 2,4GHz and WLAN 5,8GHz at the same time and get a warning anytime an anomaly occurs. Alternatively, you could set the alarm trigger to specific signals. Another possibility is to use the 20GHz in 20ms sweep-mode to monitor the complete band from 1Hz up to 20GHz. This is a good setup, when you are uncertain at which frequencies the illegal or interfering signal transmissions will occur.

The system is capable of gaplessly monitoring and recording, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It produces 1GB of data per minute on average. This means, that the optional integrated 40TB storage capacity would suffice for data of about 28 complete days, before any transfers or hard-drive clean-up is necessary. The recorded data can later be used for audits or as supporting evidence.

Drone Detection
The V5 Command Center was developed and designed as part of our Drone Detection System. This means that it, together with the IsoLOG 3D antenna-array and the RTSA Suite Software, is perfectly suited for the detection and accurate tracking of drones and other signals. The system can be taught to detect signal patterns other than drones, and give a warning or trigger another action once a signal that fits the pattern is detected.

System Highlights
• Powerful i7 Processor
• 16GB RAM
• nVidia Geforce GTX graphics card
• 1TB HDD (optional up to 40TB SSD)
• 2x Full-HD 1080p screens
• Different hardware on request
• Made in Germany

The V5 Command Center is always outfitted with the newest compatible hardware. The device functions like a normal Windows-PC. This means that no additional hardware is required, if other computer-based tasks have to be accomplished on-location. It is also equipped with two Full-HD monitors, which make multi-tasking and the simultaneous monitoring of multiple bands an easy task with no need to switch between multiple windows. Additionally the system is outfitted with a keyboard with an integrated trackpad – no other peripherals are required.

Options / Accessories
• Powermeter 20GHz / 40GHz
• 5ppb (0,005ppm) OCXO Time-Base
Fitting Preamplifiers, 8 different versions (up to 20GHz)
Great selection of Aaronia antennas
• USB-Connection-Relay for up to 2GHz real-time bandwidth

The USB-CR is an interface which enables the use of multiple SPECTRAN V5 X together in combination with the up to two built-in analyzers of the V5 Command Center. This makes real-time bandwidths of up to 20GHz possible. Please contact us for further information.

The SPECTRAN V5 can be used together with the new, free and included in the delivery RTSA Suite Software via USB 2.0. The RTSA is one of the most powerful and flexible spectrum analysis software-solutions on the market. The software gives you the ability to display and analyze signals in real-time in many different ways. It is under constant development, with many new features being added over time. Daily updates can be found in our download-section.

Made in Germany
Like all devices of the SPECTRAN series, the SPECTRAN V5 Command Center spectrum analyzer is developed and assembled in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Type and Frequency RangePrice
V5 Command Center
9kHz - 20GHz
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DatasheetTypeFrequency RangeRTBWPrice
V5 Command Center9kHz - 20GHz88MHzGet a quoteBuy now!

  •  Frequency Range from 9kHz up to 20GHz
  •  Up to 350MHz Real-Time Bandwidth
  •  Up to 40 TB SSD (Hard Disk / Storage)
  •  Patented Polyphase Filter Technology
  •  Automatic Triggers programmable
  •  Simultaneous surveillance of multiple bands (3G, 4G, WLAN...)
  •  Sweep Speed: up to 14THz / sec.
  •  Incl. "RTSA Suite" Software

With the RTSA-Suite PRO there are many ways to display and analyse any received or recorded data. The software is being updated and expanded with new features almost daily.

Echtzeit-Spektrumanalysator Software RTSA Suite

Scope of delivery

Spectran V5 Command Center incl. Option 020 (internal 20dB preamp), OmniLOG 70600 antenna (700MHz - 6GHz), padded waterproof case, RTSA-Suite PRO software (pre-installed), international charging cable with adapters.


V5 now offering 175MHz RTBW!

V5 analyzing a DECT phone spectrum

V5 measuring and decoding a car key

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 V5 Command Center
Frequency Range (min)9kHz
Frequency Range (max)20GHz
Real-Time Bandwidth88MHz (Standard) / 160/175MHz (Option 160)
Min. Event Duration for 100% POI<1µS
Max. Power at RF input (50 Ohm)+20dBm (Standard) / +33dBm (SMA Attenuator)
DANL (internal pre-amp on)typ. -150dBm/Hz
DANL (with external pre-amp)max. -170dBm/Hz
Amplitude accuracy (typ.)typ. +/- 1,5dB
RF input50 Ohm (SMA-connector)
Frequency reference accuracy0,5ppm (Standard) / 5ppb (Option 002)
RBW (resolution bandwidth)1Hz to 3MHz
VBW (video bandwidth)1Hz to 3MHz
DemodulatorAM, FM
Measurement UnitsdBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m², dBµV/m, W/cm²
DetectorMin, Max, AVG, Peak, QPeak (in preparation)
Attenuator range45dB (0,5dB steps, incl. pre-amp)
Reference range-200dBm to 100dBm
Measurement modesI/Q, Power/Frequency Data
ViewsSpectrum, Persistence Spectrum, Spectrogram / Waterfall, Histogram
GPSBuilt-in GPS
TriggerCursor, Measurement, Density
Video RAM64 MB
ADC500MSPS 14Bit
DSP (Dual Core Blackfin)600 MHz
PC Specs
CPUIntel i7 3,4GHz, 8MB Cache
HDD120GB SSD (operation system), 2TB HDD (storage), optionally expandable
Operating SystemWindows 7
Display3x 21,5“ Full-HD 1080p, sunlight readable, anti reflection tempered strengthen glass
Graphics CardGeForce GTX, latest generation
MainboardGigabyte B150M-D3H
SpeakersBuilt-in amplified 2x 3W speakers
BatteryIntelligent lithium ion battery with 8700mAh (optional second battery, hot swap system)
Keypad104-key industrial keyboard with integrated numeric keypad and touchpad
Connectors2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Mouse, Keypad, DVI, VGA, HDMI, Power socket
CasePadded Carrying case with wheels (7 kg)
Temperature Range (Operation)0 °C to +50 °C
Temperature Range (Storage)-20 °C to +60 °C
Humidity10% - 90%
Dimensions536 x 394 x 300mm (monitors closed)
Weight30 kg
Power SupplySilent 580W, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption< 90W
Country of OriginGermany
Recommended Calibration Interval2 years

Option 020: Internal 20dB Low-Noise Pre-Amplifier
This option provides an internal, super low-noise 20dB Pre-Amplifier, enabling maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals. It is switched via a true RF switch.
In the scope of delivery
Option 002: 5ppb (0,005ppm) OCXO Timebase
This highly precise OCXO timebase, which has been especially developed for the SPECTRAN®, offers significantly reduced phase noise (jitter). This will allow the use of far narrower filters, which will in turn vastly enhance sensitivity. To fully exploit the maximum sensitivity this option is indispensable! Furthermore, the OCXO timebase allows far more accurate frequency measurement and display.
+ 999,95€
Option 004: Ultra Low Phase Noise
+ 499,95€
Option 007*: Tracking / IQ DDS Generator (23,5MHz to 6GHz)
*In preparation
+ 999,95€
Option 160: 160MHz / 175MHz Real-Time Bandwidth
Extends the real-time bandwidth from 88MHz to 160/175MHz.
+ 1998,00€
Option 2x0*: Powermeter (20GHz / 40GHz)
High accuracy internal Power Meter up to 20GHz / 40GHz *In preparation
+ 499,95 - 1498,00€
Preamplifiers (1Hz – 20GHz)
The UBBV series are battery powered preamplifiers, that are compatible to all brands of spectrum analyzers and fit directly on the Aaronia SPECTRAN Handheld analyzer series. Eight different versions cover a frequency range from DC up to 20GHz and offer gain of up to 40dB with very low noise, with and without by-pass functionality. The accurate and specific calibration data of every UBBV preamplifier are saved internally and can be read out via USB.
from 499,95€ Shop
Preamplifiers der UBBV Serie von DC bis 20GHz mit bis zu 40dB Gewinn.
Logper Antennas
The HyperLOGs are Aaronia's world-renowned series of high-qualty log-periodic antennas with an extended frequency range of up to 35GHz. An unrivaled bandwidth combined with high directionality and the high gain are the key ingredients for the success of theses antennas. The HyperLOG series is available as active or passive variants.
from 199,95€ Shop
Direktionale Antenne der HyperLOG Serie
Biconical Antennas
Available as active or passive antennas, the BicoLOGs are the answer when and where ever a biconical antenna is needed. Calibrated starting at 20MHz up to 3GHz, they transform any normal spectrum analyzer into an EMC measurement device for pre-compliance testing.
from 499,95€ Shop
Bikonische Antenne BicoLOG Serie
The Aaronia Probe-Sets are compatible with any spectrum analyzer and enable the pinpoint measurement of interferences from DC up to 9GHz. The delivery scope includes conversion tables and a conversion app, detailed calibration data, 40dB pre-amplifier (PBS 2 only) and a 1m cable. The sets are perfect for the locating of interference sources, measurement of interference field strenghts, injecting fields into circuits to identify those which are EMC-susceptible and the testing of screening and filtering solutions. The sniffer probe sets include a total of 5 EMC probes.
from 1498,-€ Shop
Nahfeldsonden PBS2 DC bis 9GHz
Omnidirectional Antennas
The OmniLOG series was developed as a cost-effective broadband antenna series for omni-directional measurements up to 8GHz. The antennas are small in size, cover frequencies from 300MHz up to 8GHz and have steady gain across the range. Compared to the HyperLOG series, the OmniLOG antennas enables the omni-directional measurement of field-strengths without having to point the antenna at the source. This allows for much faster threshold measurements.
from 99,95€ Shop
Omnidirektionale Antennas von 300MHz bis 8GHz
3D / Isotropic Antennas
The Aaronia IsoLOG 3D Series is a new and unique development. The IsoLOG 3D antenna-array covers frequencies from 9kHz up to 40GHz and offers pinpoint signal tracking accuracy when combined with a real-time spectrum analyzer. The handy IsoLOG 3D Mobile covers the range from 9kHz up to 6GHz and its main purpose are 3D EMC / EMI measurements.
from 2198,-€ Shop
IsoLOG 3D Mobile und 360° Peilantennen-Array IsoLOG 3D von 9kHz bis 40GHz
Horn Antennas
The horn antennas of the PowerLOG series impress through their high input power (up to 500W) and gain of up to 20dBi. The delivery scope of the antennas include a detailed, specific calibration certificate and they can be used for EMC tests, RF emissions measurements and signal transmission. The very wide frequency range from 700MHz up to 40GHz can be covered by the use of only two antennas of this series.
from 1798,-€ Shop
Horn Antennas PowerLOG Serie
Magnetic Field Antennas
The MDF and Magnotracker series are Aaronia's high quality magnetic field tracking antennas for signal localization and field strength measurements starting from 1Hz. Available in 8 different versions (2 passive, 6 active), the Aaronia magnetic field trackers cover an extremely broad band of frequencies - from 1Hz up to 400MHz.
from 299,95€ Shop
Magnetfeld Antennas MDF Serie von 9kHz bis 400MHz
20dB SMA Attenuator
Expands the measurement range from +20dBm to +40dBm.
+ 149,95€ Shop
20dB Attenuator
DC-Blocker (SMA)
The DC-Blocker must be used if you want to measure active powered antennas like GPS or satellite dishes. It prevents the RF-input of the SPECTRAN from being destroyed by the DC-voltages. Simply connect the DC-Blocker to the RF-input of your SPECTRAN and you can measure directly on GPS, satellite antennas or even DSL/ISDN etc. lines.
+ 99,95€ Shop
DC Blocker (SMA)