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EMC Bundles

1Hz - 9,4GHz

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The Aaronia EMC measuring equipment packages for near and far field measurements, for measuring and locating sources of interference radiation or monitoring EMC problems.

Handheld Spektrumanalysator SPECTRAN

Patented technology:
Based on a completely new method of spectrum analysis, Aaronia measuring instruments enable RF and EMC measurements at a spectacular price.
Finding sources of interference and their causes, determining frequency and signal strength, measuring and evaluating even the most complex limit values - all this is easily possible with Aaronia spectrum analysers.

Award in the field of "passive components":
All SPECTRAN NF are equipped with the award winning Aaronia REAL 3D (isotropic) magnetic field sensor. In 2009, Europe's most popular electronics magazine "Elektronik" awarded the Aaronia REAL 3D (isotropic) magnetic field sensor as "Product of the Year" in the category "Passive Components".

Made in Germany:
All SPECTRANs and all antennas are developed, individually manufactured and calibrated at Aaronia in Germany. This guarantees the highest quality standards.

Real-time Spectrum Analyzer Software (free CD included in delivery):
All SPECTRAN measuring devices offer an integrated USB interface with real-time remote control for connecting your SPECTRAN to a PC or MAC. The free analysis software, available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows, transforms your SPECTRAN into a powerful, multifunctional solution for EMC measurements of all kinds. The software offers among other things a recording and playback function, simultaneous display of several spectra, histogram function, waterfall display, unlimited number of markers, complex limit value display etc. The latest version of our software and firmware updates can be found on our developer page.

Limit value display:
All SPECTRAN offer a high performance limit value display. A single keystroke is all it takes for the high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) to calculate the limit values and show the results on the display in real time. This function is unique for spectrum analyzers in this price range.

Type and Frequency Range Price
EMV Paket 1
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EMV Paket 2
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EMV Paket 3
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Datasheet Type Frequency Range Price
EMV Paket 11Hz-9,4GHz4980,-€Buy now!
EMV Paket 21Hz-9,4GHz4980,-€Buy now!
EMV Paket 31Hz-9,4GHz6980,-€Buy now!

  •  Perfect for pre-compliance testingts
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Large scope of delivery
  •  All-In-One solutions
  •  Well thought-out composition
  •  Supplied in case for easy handling
  •  Inclusive software

The MCS Software transforms any SPECTRAN into a powerful measurement solution with real-time remote control via USB and great features (e.g. recording, multiple window display, histogram, waterfall diagram, unlimited number of markers, enhanced limits display etc.).

Spektrumanalysator Software MCS

Frequency Range 1Hz-9,4GHz
Scope of Delivery (Analyzer)NF-5030 with Option 005 (DDC)

HF-60100 V4 with
Option 020 (internal Preamp),
Option 022 (external Preamp),
Option 002 (0,5ppm TCXO Timebase)
Scope of Delivery (Antennas)ProbeSet PBS2 BicoLOG 30100EProbeSet PBS2 and
BicoLOG 20100E
Accuracy (typ.)+/- 1dB (HF 60100 V4), 3% (NF-5030)