1Hz - 9,4GHz

Spectrum Analyzers

Series: Compact USB

USB Desktop • Including Software

USB spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN X series include our RTSA-Suite PRO software, compatible with Windows and Linux. The high-quality black anodized housings are cut from a solid block of aluminum. This is providing optimal shielding and cooling of internal components. The V6 X series, for example, offers a real-time bandwidth of up to 245 MHz (I/Q), which can be transmitted via USB 3.0.



(10MHz - 6/8GHz)

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  • Scans 6GHz in less than 5ms (1THz/s)
  • 245MHz Rx (I/(Q)
  • 120MHz Tx (I/Q)
  • POI: 97ns (FFT-based)
  • POI: 10ns (I/Q based)
  • Sample rate: 500 MSPS
  • FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s
  • Up to 784Mbytes/s USB bandwidth
  • Stackable accessories
  • Light and compact
  • Incl. RTSA-Suite PRO Software
  • Made in Germany

Series: Command Center

Maximum Power • Up to 980MHz I/Q RTBW • Two 4K Monitors

The SPECTRAN V6 Command Center is Aaronia's answer to the requests for a top-performance RF surveillance system. The Command Center is the most powerful and quick spectrum analyzer ever built by Aaronia and offers up to 980MHz instantaneous bandwidth (complex I/Q), combined with a lot of hard drive space and the ability to record any measurement-data without any limits. A special, modified version of our software combined with the two bright 4K screens enable you to keep everything displayed and to notice even the shortest signals.

SPECTRAN V6 Command Center

SPECTRAN V6 Command Center

(10MHz - 6/8GHz)
SPECTRAN V6 Command Center

from 24.980,- €

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  • Aaronia's "Battle Station"
  • Perfect as a mobile surveillance device
  • Frequency: 10MHz - 6GHz (opt. 8GHz)
  • Sweep speed > 4THz/s
  • Up to 980MHz RTBW
  • Up to 18TB storage
  • POI: <10ns (I/Q-based)
  • AMD Ryzen CPU with 64GB RAM
  • 2x 4K monitors
  • Portable, incl. trolley case

Series: Outdoor

All-in-one solution • weather resistant • mobile • military standard

The SPECTRAN Outdoor series has been specially developed for use under the most difficult conditions, e.g. for military use, counterintelligence, aerospace, mines, construction sites, research and development, even in pouring rain, extreme temperatures and extremely dusty and dirty environments. With these spectrum analyzers you will master all challenges.

This series offers high-performance, extremely shock-resistant outdoor notebooks with ultra-bright full-HD touchscreens, as well as high-end spectrum analyzers up to 8 GHz in compact devices. All units have been independently tested to MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F standards.

SPECTRAN V6 MIL - Outdoor Military Laptop


(10MHz - 6/8GHz)
SPECTRAN V6 MIL - Outdoor Military Laptop

from 24.980,- €

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  • Ultra-stable spectrum analyzer in military standard for outdoor use (IP65, - 20°C to + 60°C)
  • Scans 6 GHz in less than 5 ms
  • Dual receiver real-time bandwidth of up to 245MHz
  • 120MHz vector signal generator
  • 1TB SSD system memory
  • 2 TB ultra-fast SSD recording storage
  • Virtually unlimited recording time
  • Sampe rate: 500 MSPS (16 bit dual 256 MSPS I/Q data)
  • FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)
  • POI up to 97 ns (FFT-based)
  • POI up to 10 ns (I/Q-based)
  • Extremely bright, sunlight-readable 15.6" widescreen display (Full HD)
  • Intel® Xeon® with 64 GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card
  • Software RTSA Suite PRO pre-installed

Series: Handheld

Portable • Lightweight • Easy to Use

The portable spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN series stand out through their compact size, attractive prices, wide frequency ranges and the free, included analysis software.

Handheld Spektrumanalysator SPECTRAN


(1 Hz - 30MHz)
Handheld Spektrumanalysator SPECTRAN

from 999,95 €

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  • Affordable low-frequency Signal Analyzer
  • Accuracy: 3%
  • Superfast FFT spectrum analysis
  • Weight: 420gr
  • Incl. MCS Software


(9kHz - 9,4GHz)
Handheld Spektrumanalysator SPECTRAN V4 Handheld

from 1498,- €

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  • The All-Rounder
  • Sweep-Analyzer
  • Frequency: 9kHz - 9,4GHz
  • RBW: 200Hz - 50MHz
  • 1mS SampleTime
  • +/- 1dB Accuracy
  • DANL up to -170dBm
  • DDC Hardware-Filter
  • 14Bit Dual-ADC
  • 150 MIPS DSP (CPU)
  • Incl. LogPer Antenna
  • Incl. PC Software MCS

Series: Bundles

Cost Effective • Well Matched Content • All-In-One-Solutions

Our popular analyzer bundles combine all functions of the SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers in several packages with significantly discounted prices.

Pre-Compliance EMV Paket

Real-time EMC Bundles

(10 MHz - 8 GHz)
Real-Time EMC Bundles

from 6998,- €

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  • Best choice for pre-compliance testing
  • Real-time analyzer
  • Best performance
  • Including antennas / sensors

EMC Bundles

(1Hz - 9,4GHz)
Pre-Compliance EMV Paket

from 3998,- €

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  • Perfect for Pre-Compliance Tests
  • Sweep-Analyzer
  • Highly Cost-Effective
  • Including Antenna / Sensor

Analyzer Bundle

(1Hz - 9,4GHz)
Analyzer Bundle

2498,- €

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  • Perfect for measuring LF & HF signal sources of all kinds
  • All-in-one solution
  • Very cost-effective
  • Pistol-grip antenna included