MCS Software

Aaronia presents our real-time spectrum analysis software for the Aaronia devices of the SPECTRAN V3, V4 and NF series. The MCS works with Windows, Linux and MacOS and supports all screen resolutions, including 4k and 8k.

Our latest MCS Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Software includes lots of great features like:

• Runs with any operation system like MAC OS, Linux and Windows
• Real-Time remote control with any Spectran Spectrum Analyzer
• Supports a unlimited number of Pre-Compliance limits displays like EN55011, EN55022 etc. incl. various separate limit curves and bar displays
• Multi window support
• Powerful Undo-Feature
• Channel and provider display
• Fully customizable skins and look
• Report and record function
• And more...

Customer wishes regarding the software are very helpful in the further development of the MCS.


MacOS, Linux and Windows
Real-time control functions
Unlimited number of pre-compliance limits
Multi-window support
Channel- and provider-display
Report and record function

Spectrum Analysis

• High-resolution spectrum display of Clear Write, AVG, Min / Max, Shadow, Peak, RMS etc.
• Provider display with variety of prestored providers and editor for creating own providers
• Marker function with unlimited number of markers (MIN, MAX, AVG, Delta, OBW, etc.)
• Supports custom skins and styles, complete surface freely customizable
• Intuitive operation (drag & drop, zoom, shortkeys etc.)

Multi Window

• Supports unlimited number of graphics (spectrum, waterfall, histogram, etc.)
• Window sizes freely adjustable, Software supports each resolution (even 4k monitors)
• Simultaneous view and control of multiple Spectran units with independent settings
• Creation of "pseudo" Spectran's measuring various signals with different scanning parameters and frequency ranges (eg GSM, WLAN and Tetra)

Recording & Playback

• Storage of each measurement and personal sessions
• Replay function, recorded measurements can be replayed in full length
• Print function, direct print-out (also as pdf) of the results / graph
• No limitation of the recording size (besides hard drive)


• Measurement data in form of a "heat map" in the frequency (X-axis) and time-plane (Y-axis)
• Better analysis of time-based signals, perfect for long-term measurement
• Ongoing storage and scrolling of the Waterfall
• Freely scalable and adjustable

Histogram (dot, line and fill)

• Statistic view of frequently measured results within a "Sweep Area"
• Perfect for identification & characterization of sporadic interference, no results get lost
• Freely scalable and adaptable

Multiple Limits/Custom Limits

• Multitude of presaved limits (e.g. EN55011, EN55022, ICNIRP), displayable as graph or bar chart
• Average values, maximum values, period for Max, AVG calculation etc. freely adjustable
• Limit Editor to store and edit own limits
• Trigger function, free programming of alarms or messages for exceeding presaved limits
• Image suppression mode, suppression of ambient interferers (e.g. GSM, 3G, Radio) to perform EMC measurements without an EMC chamber

05.04.2017 - 2.1.6 - Removed an issue where span-frequency could not be set below 1 MHz - Added calibration data for IsoLOG Mobile, HyperLOG 60200X and HyperLOG 30200X - Added experimental commandline option for session restore - Various minor bugfixes and improvements 31.10.2016 - 2.1.5 - Use device-specific frequency limits for UI elements - Fixed several issues with generating profiles from device settings - Linux version: Change install location from /opt/aaronia to /opt/Aaronia/MCS for interoperability reasons 06.10.2016 - 2.1.4 - On XFR devices the GPS sensor is no longer connected automatically as it may crash the application - Adjusted frequency parameters for V5 devices - Fixed import functionality for EFIS csv export - Added commandline option --auto-record to automatically start a recording - General update of sweep profiles - Various minor bugfixes 13.05.2016 - 2.1.3 - Fixed connection issues with current Spectran V5 devices - Fixed inverted values when processing UBBV2 calibration data read from devices - Added initial support for GPS Logger V2 - Added calibration data for UBBV 0910 - Fixed application crash when generating reports on Windows - Changed logic for displaying frequencies to avoid bogus decimal digits 03.02.2016 - 2.1.1 - Fixed Peak Suppression for NF-5035-S devices - Use correct unit to detect maximum value in Results control - Various minor bugfixes and improvements 14.09.2015 - 2.1.0 - Added a screenshot function to main toolbar - Added new trace type "Dynamic Maximum" that calculates the maximum of the last 20 (by default) traces. The number of traces to check is the same as for the "Average" trace and can be adjusted in the same way. - Updated english manual - Updated FTDI driver on Windows - Ensure that replay progress bar ends at 100% - Fixed GSM 1800 Up/Downlink profiles - Improved functionality of optical zoom mode in spectrum view - Improved error reporting when loading MDR files - Fixed graphical issues when drawing traces in spectrum view in certain situations - Added display of currently measured frequency (cursor position) and corresponding measurement value in result control - Loading a replay as reference trace will now apply suppression and calibration data - Fixed handling of Image suppression feature when using units other than dBm - Image suppression now also affects maximum, minimum and average trace - Added display of current peak suppression mode to statusbar - Fixed display of reference traces in time-domain mode - Removed peak suppression status from sessions - Several minor bugfixes and improvements 30.07.2015 - 2.0.2 - Limits now also work properly with only two entries - Fixed a bug in the limit editor when adding entries above 2 GHz - Removed obsolete Spectran Server manual 13.07.2015 - 2.0.1 - Fixed an issue with peak suppression not working in some cases - Fixed replay functionality of NF data recordings - Various minor bugfixes and improvements 19.06.2015 - 2.0.0 - Auto-Adjust will now pick a more reasonable scaling when no reference data exists - fixed Spectran filemanager to display default p-code files again - fixed a bug that caused the GPS widget to show bogus values - added a function in the profile editor to import CSV files from the EFIS database 03.06.2015 - 1.9.10 - updated FTDI drivers - fixed a bug that crashed the MCS when opening the spectrum view a second time or an editor window - changed spectrum view info overlay to adjust to available screen space dynamically - updated and reorganized swiss provider profiles - some fixes for the windows installer - some minor improvements to matrix calibration 12.05.2015 - 1.9.9 - display selected calibration options in spectrum scene header - include hardware revision in model string in the device info dialog - readded missing translations in Windows Qt5 version - improved peak suppression quality in some cases 28.04.2015 - 1.9.8 - fixed various problems with the Windows installer - added finnish cellphone provider profiles - added shortcut keys H, K, M and G to frequency input window for switching frequency units directly - fixed a bug with RSA network authentication not working all the time - fixed a bug in the profile editor that caused channelgroups to be duplicated when saving a profile - various minor bugfixes and improvements 18.03.2015 - 1.9.7 - fixed MDF calibration records 20.02.2015 - 1.9.6 - fixed compability with RSA devices - extend range for manual calibration offset to +-150 dB - allow Hz and kHz values to be entered directly in calibration editor - added italian GSM and UMTS provider profiles - added MDF calibration records - added support for loading matrix calibrations - properly display overlapping channels in channelpower view - various minor bugfixes and improvements 26.11.2014 - 1.9.5 - reworked Trigger dialog, added support for reference traces as trigger lines and triggering on min/max/avg - various minor bugfixes and enhancements 26.08.2014 - 1.9.4 - reworked experimental "Pseudo Spectran" feature - added option to include power level in waypoint names for KML export - added option to change update rate of Aaronia GPS Logger - reference and noise controls will now show the correct unit - various minor bugfixes and improvements 15.07.2014 - 1.9.3 - restored some calibration files that were accidentally removed in 1.9.2 - added a verification messagebox when loading limit/reference traces that are outside the current measurement frequencies 10.07.2014 - 1.9.2 - several improvements to GPS Logger support - mouse "rubberband" selection in spectrum view will now trigger an auto-adjust instead of using the selection boundaries - fixed a bug that prevented the readout of UBBV calibration data - fixed a bug where a selected limit wasn't shown in spectrum view in some cases - enabled "Detector" control for NF devices - UI improvements to Start/Stop buttons for sweeping and recording - various minor bugfixes and improvements 22.05.2014 - 1.9.1 - added a option to stop sweeping after the current sweep is finished - added new commandline options: * --auto-connect-usb to connect to the first USB Spectran during MCS startup * --auto-connect-net=[[email protected]:PORT] to connect to the specified remote Spectran server (new RSA models only) * --auto-play=[FILE] to directly start a replay from a recorded MDR file * --profile=[NAME] to override the regular default profile - added "GPS" control in the sidebar to show detailed GPS information if a GPS Logger is connected - GPS information is now displayed in the Spectrum settings overlay - improved support for GPS Logger - added support for internal GPS sensor of XFRpro models - MDR recordings can now include GPS data if a GPS Logger is connected during the recording - fixed a problem where the last point of a sweep could get "stuck" - file dialogs should now remember the last selected path - removed broken network server menu entry - simplified internal caching of device parameters to improve responsiveness - various minor bugfixes and improvements 26.02.2014 - 1.9.0 - improved calibration data editor including a preview of the resulting graph - normalized all calibration values as gain (previously they were mixed gain and offsets) - MCS will now prevent setting frequency parameters outside the specified frequency range of a connected device - traces can now be exported in CSV format using the "Save Trace" button and selecting the correct file format - image suppression feature can now use saved reference traces - optimized file format when doing CSV recording of time-domain-only measurements (note: timestamps on individual entries are interpolated and therefore not accurate) - updated and cleansed calibration data - updated German, Chinese and Portuguese translations, removed Russian translation - various minor bugfixes and improvements 20.01.2014 - 1.8.0 - redesigned profile editor for better stability, performance and usability. Note that some of the more confusing features of profiles (like templates or mirror channels) have been removed, if you have created any custom profiles with the old editor you should verify that they still work as intended. - added new network connection code. Note that this will only be used for new Spectran RSA models produced after January 2014 - removed Spectran Network Server Utility due to various issues in the old networking code - various minor bugfixes 13.12.2013 - 1.7.8 - added more detailed calibration tables for NF preamplifiers - fixed problem with automatic minor adjustments of frequency settings - restored correct ICNIRP limit values above 10 MHz - improved import of CSV calibration data - added Chinese translation - various minor bugfixes and improvements 22.11.2013 - 1.7.7 - fixed bug where only antenna/probe selection was available in calibration - fixed bug where Spectran devices were not found in the connection manager - settings information in spectrum view should now be updated on all relevant changes - removed a bogus error message in the file manager when writing a new file 20.11.2013 - 1.7.6 - improved probe support: probes can now be selected the same way as antennas and affect all controls and views - added unit selection box to Settings control - fixed frequency settings for NF static sensor recalibration - added initial support for V5 compability mode 22.10.2013 - 1.7.5 - fixed unit selection when changing sensor on NF devices - added "Recording" action for triggers to start a MDR recording on specific conditions 04.10.2013 - 1.7.4 - NOTE: due to changes in the device communication the "Network Connection" feature is currently not working and has been disabled. If you need that feature please use version 1.6.4a or earlier. - changed default NF profile to TFT (instead of Power) - added calibration profiles for NF preamplifiers, and enabled calibration settings for NF Spectran devices - improved performance for limit and profile editors - fixed problems that occured when using certain special characters in profile or limit definitions - various minor bugfixes and improvements 23.09.2013 - 1.7.3 - NOTE: profile and limit editors are still experimental and somewhat unstable, so use at your own risk - added a number of new profiles and limit definitions - various updates and fixes for profile and limit editor - fixed a graphic bug in channelpower view that caused traces to be drawn outside the graph area - use top-level frequency ranges in channelpower view if selected profile contains no provider or channel definitions - re-enable saving of current device-profile in Settings control - disable Settings control on replays - restore Cut-Off level functionality - various minor bugfixes and improvements 10.09.2013 - 1.7.2 - update peak suppression data - fix grey stylesheet 05.09.2013 - 1.7.1 - new option to keep device settings on connect instead of selecting the default profile - fixed some problems with device communication - fixed a bug that disabled peak suppression for replays - updated german and russian translations 19.08.2013 - 1.7.0 - Channel- and Sweep-Profiles have been merged. The old sweepprofiles.xml and channelinfo.xml have been splitted up and each profile is now in a separate file in the new data/profiles/ tree. Also the channel-editor has been replaced with a new and improved profile-editor. - Calibration Data Files (antenna.xml, cable.xml, ...) have also been split up and a new Calibration Data Editor added - Limit Editor has been reworked, including added support for logarithmic interpolation and real-spectrum preview with linear or log based frequency scale - The Spectrum View now supports three different modes for mouse-interaction, which can be selected in the Spectrum Control: * Change Parameters: Mouse-Selection will adjust device- and graphic-parameters (Start-/Stop-Frequency, Reference, Dynamic), Double-Click will switch to Zero-Span mode at the clicked frequency, Right-click will open a context menu * Zoom: Mouse-Selection will zoom the selected area of the graphic without changing device parameters, Double-Click will increase zoom by 100% centered at the clicked position, Middle-Click will reset zoom to normal, Right-Click will open a context menu * Edit Markers: Drag+Drop will move markers to different frequencies/traces, Double-Click will create new markers, Right-Click will remove markers (also see changelog entry for 1.2.0). - improved device detection logic to reduce wrong identifications, improve connect speed and provide visual feedback - raster axes can now be enabled/disabled for each view - "Generate Mapfile" supports now NMEA files for GPS coordinates (in addition to GPX files) - various other bugfixes and improvements 26.03.2013 - 1.6.4 - fixed problem with processing of low frequency values on NF devices/replays - fixed a problem with 3D-axis trace controls disappearing randomly - updated german translation 21.03.2013 - 1.6.3 - fixed broken 1.6.2 driver signature on Windows version (was only an issue for new installs on Windows 8) - fixed processing of internal NF logger files - improved peak suppression on NF - added calibration data for HyperLOG 60100 X - fix changing center frequency in the demodulation control - only display individual 3D-axis controls when a NF in 3D mode is connected - added automatic reloading of changed limit definitions - various overlays in the spectrum view can now be disabled - width of traces in spectrum view can now be adjusted in application settings - fixed initial loading of data files in channel- and limit-editor on MacOS X application bundle - various other bugfixes and improvements 28.02.2013 - 1.6.2 - fixed handling of calibration settings on NF devices - "Generate Mapfile" feature now also supports reading raw NMEA sentence files - improved support for reading UBBV calibration data - added french manual - several minor bugfixes and improvements 22.01.2013 - 1.6.1 - add support for reading UBBV calibration data (Note: only new UBBV devices are supported, existing ones may or may not work) - add export function for calibration data in calibration control - fix a bug that could cause calibration data to be applied twice in some cases - fix incorrect parsing of frequency values in MDR files with decimal digits (NF) 26.11.2012 - 1.6.0 - new Demodulation control that replaces the old Demodulation toolbar menu. In addition to selecting the demod mode and speaker volume it also allows to fine-tune the center frequency using a tuning dial and to select the RBW. - changed behavior of frequency input controls: left-click will now open a popup window with a standard text input field and options to select between Hz/kHz/MHz/GHz for input values. Right-click and middle-click are ignored now. - span-frequency is no longer preserved when changing the start frequency - when using multiple min/max markers in the Spectrum view they will now have a minimum distance depending on RBW to avoid tight clusters. - updated Spectran drivers to reduce installation problems - saved reference traces now also store their assigned color - added peak suppression mode for NF devices in Extras menu - added option in Spectrum control to display a banner with the current profile in the Spectrum view for presentation purposes. - added option in ChannelPower control to select if you want to see power bars for channels or providers - increased raster resolution in most views - frequency axis will now auto-select a fitting frequency unit based on center frequency (e.g. showing 35 kHz instead of 0.035 MHz) - fix changing the number of sweeps for average computation (was ignored before) - fix handling of sweepdata with span <= 50 Hz - improved "smooth sweep" algorithm - disabling the Average trace should improve performance now in some cases - added new shortcuts Shift+F1 .. Shift+F8 to directly load replay files demo1.mdr ... demo8.mdr from MCS/data/ user directory. - new stylesheets added - various other bugfixes and enhancements 30.10.2012 - 1.5.1 - fix potential crash with NF devices and low-frequency scans - fix potential crash when closing a recorded measurement replay - fix some incorrect antenna calibration points - fix possible logic error in peak detection for spectrum markers when multiple max-markers are used - added option to display filled daylog curve - added contextmenu to sidebar to change icon size and text position - various minor bugfixes and enhancements 10.10.2012 - 1.5.0 - new frequency controls to provide faster and more flexible adjustments of frequency values: Simply move the mouse over the frequency digit you want to adjust and use either the mouse wheel or left/right mouse buttons to increase/decrease the current digit, keyboard usage is of course also possible (including up/down buttons for increase/decrease) and should be easier than before. Copy+Paste also works when the mouse pointer is on a frequency control without requiring cumbersome selection. - new report generation feature. The new menu entry "Measurement->Generate Report" can be used to fill a (xml-based) report template (see below) with data from a recorded measurement, including all currently existing graphic views. While this feature uses the same core technology as existing replay + screenshot features it extends them by additional reporting functions, optimized performance (as graphics don't have to be updated constantly) and more flexibility. This feature is still in early testing stage and will be optimized and extended in future releases. - new report template snapshot feature. Using the menu entry "Graphics->Create Report Template" the MCS will use the currently active graphics configuration to generate a basic report template to be used with the report generator feature. This basic template can then be further customized with any text editor, future releases may also provide a special template editor as well. - fixed recording of 3D-data with NF devices - improved support for time-domain data - updated UMTS provider information for Austria - initial support for HFv4-AS models, UBBV2 preamplifiers and Aaronia GPS Logger devices - built with SSE2 optimizations, so requires at least an Intel Core2 or AMD Athlon64 processor - shortcut key for "Spectran->Connect" changed from Ctrl+C to Shift+Ctrl+C - various minor bugfixes and enhancements 04.09.2012 - 1.4.5 - snapshot traces can now be saved to disk (and reloaded later) - traces can now be renamed in the Spectrum control - default tracenames for standard traces have been changed to conform with industry standards - improved "adjust Level" function in Daylog view - fix MinMax sensor setting to report max values again - added DAB+ sweep profile - various minor enhancements and bugfixes 13.08.2012 - 1.4.4 - repair 1.4.2 bug corrupting measurements at frequencies above 4.3 GHz - OpenGL and sweepbuffer settings are now preserved between version changes 06.08.2012 - 1.4.3 - repair 1.4.2 bug breaking NF support due to wrong frequency conversion - improvements to spectrum display in zero-span / broadband mode 30.07.2012 - 1.4.2 - playback of large MDR recordings should now consume less memory and start much faster, should be possible to replay recordings of any size without excessive memory usage. - added progress meter in status bar to show playback status - improved memory management in many cases - disabling and re-enabling a trace in spectrum view will now clear its data - reduced default sweepbuffer size from 256 to 64 MB (about one million samples) - fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when opening/scrolling the Waterfall view - fixed a bug where switching between views caused unexpected changes to reference/dynamic - fixed a bug where selection of logarithmic frequency scaling wasn't preserved when switching between views - fixed a bug where no data was displayed when Power-Meter mode was enabled - removed script-based sample-filters to reduce size of install package - several other minor bugfixes and improvements 20.07.2012 - 1.4.1 - removed a memory leak in the MDR recording backend. - "Center Min" marker setup has been replaced with "Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)" marker setup - peak markers are now computed in the current measurement unit of the spectrum view - added new Signal Detector mode in Demodulation menu for V4 devices with option 015 - the CSV recording backend now only stores 3 decimal digits when using dB-based units 29.06.2012 - 1.4.0 - new "Channelpower" view type. This allows you to track max/avg/head/min peaks or averages within channel frequency ranges (using the same definitions as the channel overlay in the spectrum view). Replaces the old "intensity" feature of the channel overlay which never worked properly and has been removed. - some changes to rounding of frequency values, should result in less situations where the MCS apparently stops receiving data - sessions now store which traces were enabled/active in the spectrum view - changed internal handling of data files so they're parsed only once at startup, and watch them for changes (e.g. by editors, so no MCS restart required there anymore). - fixed a bug where changing the sensor setting on a NF device did not reset/adjust the min/max/avg traces - added support for V4 Beta41 firmware features, and Beta41 firmware files to updater tool - several other minor bugfixes 04.06.2012 - 1.3.1 - fix bug where creating a new graphics view accidentally opened all controllers, possibly resulting in crash - really update french translation this time - improved support for OEM devices 01.06.2012 - 1.3.0 - change most slider controls to scale logarithmic (more sensitive on lower values) and use smart scaling algorithm to avoid odd values. - adjust limits calculation to use peak percentages rather than absolute peak values (previously violations could be missed if the absolute peak was in a section with a higher limit) - changed layout of limits view to match other views - added autoscale button to limits controller - added new optional bargraph mode for channel overlay (will likely be replaced with a new graphics view in a future version) - double-clicking on the marker legend in the spectrum view will now open the marker editor - allow limit scaling down to 0.01% (was 1%) - limits view raster updates display precision correctly now - adding a new graphics view will now automatically activate the relevant control if it's not visible - changed default startup profile for HF devices to GSM900 with 1ms sampletime - added support for Nanjing Top-Link devices - updated french translation - removed german translation for "undo"/"redo" to save screen space - fixed handling of NF loggerdata files with fileid != 1000 - changed scanning algorithm in filemanager to check loggerdata files first - various other minor bugfixes and enhancements 23.05.2012 - 1.2.1 - fixed parsing of Spectran Loggerdata files in Filemanager - added german manual - added GSM/UMTS provider information for Turkey - changed display precision in Limits view to show 3 decimal digits on bars - the trace in the daylog view is now limited to the graph area again - several other minor bugfixes 20.04.2012 - 1.2.0 - added new marker mouse mode to add new markers with doubleclick in the spectrum, to move markers with drag- and drop and remove markers with right-click. When clicking/dropping in the top section of the spectrum the marker will be added/moved to the maximum trace if enabled, in the bottom section to the minimum trace if enabled, in other cases to the sweep trace. - new parameter for triggers to automatically reenable them after match when a given number of seconds has passed. By default this is disabled (like in old versions). Once enabled it can be disabled again by setting it to '-1'. When setting this to '0' the trigger will no longer be disabled after a match, USE THIS WITH CAUTION! - made "Create Pseudo Spectran" a bit easier to use: - first call will automatically setup two virtual devices - no need to name virtual devices anymore, they'll be enumerated automatically - allow direct profile selection when creating new virtual devices - automatically enable the sweep cursor for spectrum views assigned to virtual devices - reenabled partial trace updates for improved performance. This might cause some artifacts during the first sweep, but should significantly reduce processor usage for following sweeps esp. with large span and/or detailed filter - when loading a replay and hitting "cancel" in the sweep delay dialog the replay will now start in paused mode to allow recording the whole file as CSV - include antenna gain values in .mdr recordings and stored reference sweeps - fixed a bug where editing triggers did not update the relevant trace in the spectrum view - dynamic of spectrum view can be adjusted via mouse dragging on the value axis (analog to existing behavior for the frequency axis) - updated peak suppression algorithm, also new optional suppression of 10 MHz peaks (disabled by default) - name of the current session is displayed in the application titlebar now - traces in spectrum view are now rendered with antialiasing enabled - partial french translation - various other bugfixes and improvements 27.03.2012 - 1.1.2 - added user manual in help menu - fixed a memory corruption in the device interface that sometimes caused the sweep to restart - fixed a bug that caused the MCS to crash on exit 13.03.2012 - 1.1.1 - fixed a bug that caused frequencies to be displayed incorrectly in the Limit Editor - fixed a bug that broke the auto-adjust feature in some cases with non-DB units 02.03.2012 - 1.1.0 - replaced spectrum view trace controls with a new general list for all device-, reference-, limit- and trigger curves. This also enables the use of multiple limit-, reference- and trigger curves in a single spectrum graphic. - available traces are now listed in the top-left area of the spectrum including their color and a checkbox to quickly enable or disable them - added new feature to make direct snapshots of any trace without needing to save them first - improved drawing performance in spectrum view when there are no markers or triggers - reworked raster logic to generate a more useful frequency raster, so entries are no longer distributed equally around the center frequency but appear at logical "step" frequencies, adjusted separately for linear and logarithmic mode. This should also generate a better scaling on the value-axis (e.g. 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, ... instead of 1.0, 1.33, 1.67, 2.0, ...) - the frequency axis will now always display start- and stop-frequency on the left and right edges (except for zero-span modes) - display precision of the frequency axis is now adjusted based on frequency span (resulting in one or zero digits in most cases) for improved readability - most input boxes will now hide trailing decimal zeroes (e.g. they'll now display 1200.0 instead of 1200.000) - allow up to 6 decimal digits for frequencies in channel editor - reduced empty space areas in controller widgets - removed support for custom colors for traces and raster lines (may come back in a later version) - selecting a limit in the Limits controller does not affect the Spectrum view, and vice versa - added French GSM and UMTS provider information - added Belgium LTE providers - various minor bugfixes and improvements 06.02.2012 - 1.0.0 - new experimental virtualization feature: each physical spectran device can now alternate between different settings (e.g. GSM900, GSM1800 and WLAN) by creating separate "pseudo" devices for each profile. The "real" device will switch between those pseudo devices after each completed sweep. Depending on the physical device and the settings of each profile you can almost simultaneously monitor multiple frequency ranges this way. Except for very few exceptions the pseudo devices are completely independent of each other, so changing frequency span or dynamic on one does not affect the others. To use this feature first change to virtualization mode by using the "Spectran->Create Pseudo Spectran" menu entry, and then create additional devices by additional calls of that entry. Note that after switching to virtualization mode you must disconnect all pseudo devices before you can reconnect to the real device. - reorganized menus: all entries not depending on a physical device have been moved from the "Spectran" menu into the new "Measurement" or the "Extras" menu - new feature to store snapshots of sweep traces and reload them later as reference sweep, independent of current device and sweep settings - added "loop" and "pause" functionality for measurement replays - reworked disconnect dialog to support all datasources, not just local usb devices - optional logarithmic scaling of frequency axes in spectrum-, histogram and waterfall views - data from NF static sensor will now use the standard time domain display mode - "Noisefloor Calibration" now calls the correct Spectran program (requires V4 device with Beta 40 firmware) - new button to trigger the "Initial Boot Calibration" in sweep control panel - display negative values of NF static sensor with proper sign - use dash drawing pattern for reference trace and NF 3D component traces - remove broken noiselevel support for non-DB units - various minor bugfixes and improvements 20.01.2012 - 0.1.9b - fixed bug where installed options were detected incorrectly - added experimental support for NF static sensor: when selected automatically set Start- and Stopfrequency to 0 Hz, disable all frequency controls and only display the current absolute value (sign is ignored like on the device display). Note that future versions will likely use a different display mode. - fix multiple problems with data processing for NF static sensor when in recommended zero-span mode - disable frequency rounding for NF devices - on Windows the installer will try to close the MCS window before attempting to replace any files to avoid copy errors - updated Spanish translation 13.01.2012 - 0.1.8b - fix bug were no data was displayed/recorded if the connected Spectran was configured with HyperLog 7060 antenna - internal code cleanups - various minor bugfixes and improvements 23.12.2011 - 0.1.7b - made .mdr the default format for measurement recordings - "Shadow" trace in spectrum view now displays the last completed sweep, previously it was going back two sweeps. - NF and HF V3 devices are now also supported for network connections - fixed handling of measurement display unit when multiple devices are connected - include Spectran serial number and model in device selection box - user defined limits can now contain interpolated segments to avoid the "staircase" effect - markers can now be assigned to "Shadow" and "Reference" traces - disable sensor controls on NF desktop devices - various minor bugfixes and improvements 30.11.2011 - 0.1.6b - removed banner display of sweep profile in spectrum view (was enabled by accident in 0.1.5b) - some 0.1.5b linux builds were missing data/locale files, should be fixed now 29.11.2011 - 0.1.5b - new display mode 'filled' for histogram view - changed update logic and parameters of histogram view so that higher values only get a partial raise when hit - added a fadeout effect in histogram view to improve visibility of temporary spikes - added a file selection dialog for trigger action parameters - integrated demodulator functionality of X-Control system tray tool in toolbar - triggers can now make a screenshot when activated - store hostnames of recent network connections - various minor bugfixes and improvements 11.11.2011 - 0.1.4b - extended multithreading support - limit memory usage of sweep processor - add title/location/comment fields to MDR recordings (displayed in Deviceinfo dialog on replays) - changed colortable location in Histogram- and Waterfall views - added scrollbars to Spectrum-, Histogram- and Daylog views to adjust reference level - further performance optimizations - reimplemented limit calculation for dB based limits - various minor bugfixes and improvements 21.10.2011 - 0.1.3b - several performance improvements, esp. when replaying recorded measurements - reworked waterfall graphics - reworked histogram graphics - enabled OpenGL support in all builds 11.10.2011 - 0.1.2b - new experimental feature to store and load complete measurements. For this you have to select the new "MCS Data Recording" file format when starting the recorder (CSV files cannot be loaded). Measurements can then be loaded with the "Load Measurement Recording" entry in the SPECTRAN menu. Loaded measurements appear like live measurements in most aspects (with obvious restrictions). This is a work-in-progress feature that will be extended in future versions. - reenabled hardware graphics acceleration for Windows and MacOS X (was disabled by accident in previous releases) - added calibration data for active and EMI antennas - improved device connection handling to cover more error cases - selecting a language via menu should now always override the language selected after install - BUGFIX: Spanish translation did incorrectly display as English translation in the Windows version - updated Dutch translation - added more recovery options to SpectranSetup Firmware Updater (Windows only) - various minor bugfixes and improvements 23.09.2011 - 0.1.1b - channel/provider display is enabled by default - channel/provider selection is directly linked to sweep profile selection - channel/provider overlay can contain comments (e.g. for hints with EN profiles) - add new menuitem to recalibrate static sensor on NF SPECTRANs - when a NF SPECTRAN is connected all frequency displays in the MCS should now be in kHz (HF: MHz) This does not include fixed selection items like RBW or sweep profile labels - change of measurement unit triggers auto-adjust on all associated views to avoid misleading zero-flatlines - device identification improved for old devices - preamplifier is now always disabled on device connection - BUGFIX: limit curve ignores calibration settings now - BUGFIX: peak suppression sometimes caused corruption at the beginning of a sweep - BUGFIX: broadband detector displays data in time domain again - various minor bugfixes and improvements 14.09.2011 - 0.0.9b - BUGFIX: wrong x-axis labels when using very small spans with a large spectrum view - BUGFIX: Limits didn't display correctly in some cases 08.09.2011 - 0.0.8b - new documentation available via help menu - new experimental feature "Generate Mapfile" to merge GPS logdata with recorded MCS measurements to generate a Google Earth visualization - Limit and Channel editor will save files in user directory and not overwrite defaults anymore (MCS will prefer those files over the stock defaults) - Tools no longer create separate directories in user directory - BUGFIX: auto-adjust in spectrum view set nonsense values in some cases - BUGFIX: user defined limits now use the correct measurement unit - BUGFIX: markers work correctly with non-dBm units again - various minor bugfixes and improvements - improved Linux builds including menu entries 15.08.2011 - 0.0.7b - changes in calibration will cause the Average, Maximum and Minimum traces to reset - waterfall line width setting is now accessable from the application settings - accumulated marker use root sum of squares now - BUGFIX: Input fields sampletime and samples should now always accept valid values 08.08.2011 - 0.0.6b - "SpectranServer" to provide easy sharing of SPECTRAN devices over any TCP/IP network - updated German localization - The Spectrum Marker logic was completely rewritten and now provides lots of additional features: - extensive marker setup dialog - save / restore marker setups - bind marker to any trace (min, max, avg...) - auto marker - The new feature "Triggers" to automatically react to various events. - trigger to peak - trigger to limit - trigger to peak/limit and certain frequency range You can ether choose to run an external command, play an audio file or to popup a message box whenever a event is triggered - A new application, SpectranServer, is now included an can be used to share SPECTRAN devices over any TCP/IP network easily - spectran_setup now supports XFR devices - Extended Session Management Session now store device parameters, selected calibration data and setting related to the graphics like dynamic and reference. A session "last session" is saved by the default. Session now must be manually restored to ensure safe defaults during MCS startup! - Graphics grid is now automatically adjusted to the available window width - LTE sweep and channel profiles where added - all LCS based P-Code can now be used with the MCS - logarithmic scaling is now available for the limits view - measurement value at mouse position is now shown in the info are - preliminary printing and screen shot features are now available - graphics can now be "linked". Linked graphics work on the same dynamic, reference and unit of measurement - "Noise" was globally renamed to "cut off level" - MCS no longer triggers an auto-adjust level as this was confusing in many situations - Menu entries to start external applications where added beneath the "Extra" menu - BUGFIX: Spectrum graph should be free of red drawing artifacts - BUGFIX: improved stability when connecting/disconnecting devices - BUGFIX: unit of measurement should now always fit to the device connected - BUGFIX: it should no longer be necessarily to enter the sample count twice - BUGFIX: MCS no longer crashes when the waterfall window height is too small 08.07.2011 - 0.0.5b - trace average buffer status-bar indicator - initial support for network connections ( server coming soon ... ) - updated custom user interface styles - improved sidebar resize behavior - improved session management - SPECTRAN setup tool now works for all SPECTRAN devices 01.06.2011 - 0.0.4b - a bug was fixed that caused wrong marker values - a bug was fixed that caused the application to crash - unit of measurement now changes globally for all graphics - calibration data is now saved to the session - a sweep profile can now be saved to the session 22.06.2011 - 0.0.3b - automatic dynamic and reference adjustment after sweep parameter changes - improved error handling and more transparent error reporting - new on-line update and change log dialog - waterfall now displays frequencies along the x-axis - waterfall is now automatically cleaned on frequency changes - reduced CPU usage in various conditions - auto adjust level tolerances was increased - new title bar for graphics containing related information - x-axis label and frequency at mouse position should now display the correct frequency - a bug was fixed that made it hard to connect multiple SPECTRAN devices - a bug was fixed that caused the application to crash when disconnecting devices - a bug was fixed that required to user to input sweep parameter twice - a bug was fixed where the daylog controller was invisible - a bug was fixed that caused NF devices to require two sweep to synchronize - and various minor changes 20.05.2011 - 0.0.2b - new Tool "SPECTRAN Setup" to update and review the SPECTRAN firmware - new Tool "Limit Editor" to create and edit user defined limits - new MCS SPECTRAN Information Dialog - first Version available for 64bit Windows - initial scripting support for ECMA Script (JavaScript) - updated German translation 29.04.2011 - 0.0.1b - new Tool "Channel Editor" - updated Provided information database - sessions should restore and save properly now - saving sweep profiles no longer causes the application to crash - restoring the factory default session no longer causes the application to crash - crash-report is no longer forced up on the user - beta-agreement is no longer forced up on the user - frequency at mouse coordinates is displayed for Spectrum Graphics 14.04.2011 - new version numbering 12.04.2011 - If installed, the preamplifier can be activated again - PEP is disabled for HFV4 devices - sweep should no longer stop after switching profiles 08.04.2011 - Improved performance when changing SPECTRAN settings and switching Profiles - Improved performance when measuring broadband and time domain - New Spectrogram Graphics setting "Smooth Sweep" was added - New Spectrogram Graphics setting "Sweep Background" was added 25.03.2011 - New User Interface Design - Provider Display is now available as an overlay for the Spectrogram Graphics - NF 3D Sweep: Single components ( X,Y,Z ) can now be displayed independently. - Improved Windows XP support - Performance optimization for sweeps with a large number of sample points - P-Code engine was updated so more LCS based P-Code scripts can compile without errors - Updated calibration database for the UBBV preamplifier Some hints for the current Version: - use F1 to F8 for fast switching between control windows - control widgets can be dragged out of the left sidebar - press the right mouse button when hovering a graphics to get a list of additional options 25.02.2011 - continued NF support - various bug fixes 11.02.2011 - support for Aaronia Probes was added - a "Reference Memory" sweep type was added - preliminary NF device support (graphics still lack proper support!) - various bug fixes 07.12.2010 - hotfix resolution bandwidth for profiles 06.12.2010 - new format for xml calibration files - various bug-fixes 19.11.2010 - fixed a bug where center / span caused an infinity loop - fixed a bug where wrong file index definitions caused the file editor to malfunction - fixed a bug where a null pointer was dereferenced by the histogram control widget - support for sample time < 10 ms - fixed a bug where dynamic was allowed to be smaller than 1 for the waterfall graphics - new default values for histogram - added reset view button to histogram control widget - added color prefix to trace checkboxes - updated locales - common raster class for Spectrum and Histogram - automatic sub raster for spectrum - fixed a bug where the waterfall gradient was shifted - fixed a bug where switching graphics caused the settings to be copied to the new graphics and additional undo commands where created - Spectrum Graphics no longer enable/disable trace average at the processor - added Factory Reset and Calibration Run actions - added create graphics keyboard shortcuts - added switch to control SPECTRAN cache to the sweep control widget - fixed a bug where measurement unit changes where not propagated properly - fixed a bug where daylog was not positioned properly after time span was changed - added more time spans to the daylog - SPECTRAN display is no longer disabled when enabling the device cache - added new antenna database - added support for external preamplifier - Sweep Control forces preamplifier disabled for devices without preamplifier - target trace is now selectable for the result widget - fixed user defined limits - fixed measure unit default initialisation - fixed some Unicode characters - changed horizontal spectrum slider to "drag" the frequency - removed history checkbox from spectrum control-widget - changed maximum reference level to zero - added status information for sweep time and samples per second - added status update time to application properties - fixed a bug where the spectrum graphics was not updated properly if the display refresh time and data rate where synchronous - Gauss radius 1 disables Gaussian blur - workaround to prevent death-look due to floating point imprecision - inverted reference slider - fixed a bug where memory was not freed properly - fixed a bug where an uninitialized conditional variable was used - removed code that was supposed to optimize dock widget resize behavior, but didn't - fixed a bug where session geometry and state where always saved according the save session dialog - session directory name is no longer translated to user language - added a waterfall control widget - defined colors for new control widgets in default.css - updated file id ranges to HFv4 firmware defines - added graphics scene for daylog graphics - added sum of maximum marker to the spectrum legend. This is a temporarily solution until a better marker -> result logic is implemented - main window no longer has a minimum geometry - file search ranges from 201 to 2000 now in order to support logger data between 1000 and 2000 - added class ASpectranLoggerData to support parsing device data logs - fixed a bug where DELTA marker showed the wrong value - continued working on the new file manager - fixed a bug where ADoubleSpinbox triggered even if the value was not changed 24.09.2010 - fixed a bug where session files got suffixed twice - fixed OpCodeTable definition - updated locales - export / import ASCII P-CODE - slightly improved controler-widget resize behavior (slightly!) - fixed a bug where the indicator line was misplaced - factory default session - fixed some race conditions regarding hasError() - restore vendor default settings if the version has changed and notify user about version change consequences - fixed absolut jump disassemble - save all support - playing with hex-mode; sucks so far - minor code refactoring - fixed VC and MinGW compiler support - moved OpCodeTabe to header at the cost of binary-size and memory usage, but for the sake of windows dlls - fixed a bug where readFile returned false error state - moved p-code related base modules to aspectran library - export / import in HEX-Format - compile & save P-Code - cleaned up user interaction - initial filetype detection - increased code readability - added dialog based on ASpectranFilemanagerWidget - implemented reload button - implemented delete file - implemented fileindex ( file id 40 ) to keep track on user files - added search function to rebuild the file index - autodetect and rebuild missing filei - fixed a bug where readFile failed if the filesize was equal to the transfersize - fixed a bug that caused a crash during disassemble - firmware files definitions - syntax highlighting for pcode - adjusted action to open filemanager - pcode assembler migration finished - finished disassembler source migration - fake-fullscreen for dual screen - removed default profile ( deprecated by sessions ) - fixed a bug where the result scale level was boolean instead of integer - fixed a bug where adiskautorun would not compile on VC - save default session on exit - restore default session on startup - restore session provided at the command line - exclude default session from AMcsSessions list methods - added deviceChanged() signal to ASweepProcessor - used deviceChanged() signal to update ASpectrumGraphicsWidget accordingly - ASpectrumGraphicsWidget can be displayed without a device being attached - fixed a bug that caused a sessions maximize state not being restored properly on the win32 platform - added a dialog to delete sessions - set filsystemwatch to keep track on sessions - new class AMcsSession provides commonly used sesson releated functions - fixed session menu refresh on windows - preliminary session-management - added additional resource icons - finished P-Code section of API Documentation - added new RBW values (BETA31) - fixed a bug where property to editor associations where kept even if the editor was destroyed - created a spectran filemanager user interface and started porting the p-code stack engine - fixed a bug where the internal scene handle was not initialized properly - minor code cleanup and refactoring - added functions to look up variables by ID and NAME - Q_PROPERTIES added for all existing settings - All Settings are now categorized by class name - QBrush and QPen support for QtVariantPropertyManager - Auto-Stop countdown for limit measurement - agraphicswidget private implementation - provided Q_PROPERTIES corresponding to the names used for saved settings and sessions - clarified method names for AGraphicsRasterWidget - inverted red gradient - removed pure virtual method boundaryChanged and its implementation from derived classes - continued class documentation - removed needless header inclusion - redefined ASpectrumMarker - interface for state saving and loading - support for firmware BETA31 27.08.2010 - fixed derived unit symbol table - Limits Graphics resets whenever sweep boundary changes - fixed a bug that caused to software to crash when changing a limits time-frame - marker control-widget now works for multiple spectrum graphics - clear undo stack when a graphic scene was removed - added command line parameter --disable-constraints - force 1st BETA feedback only after 7 days - force continued BETA feedback only every 14 days - updated stylesheets - added boundary check for limits - removed limits factory class since all limits are supposed to be defined in a database later on - extended the AGraphicsScene Interface by a setMeasureUnit slot - added limit database (xml format) - XControl support for factory default and calibration run - update headers according to the latest firmware version - fixed resource initialization - fixed remove graphic button state - fixed XControl RF mode - derived all Controller-Widgets from common interface to allow for the main window to work on interfaces only and to allow for runtime responsibility decisions - dynamic graphic adding and removal works - slightly changed agui source directory structure - Application version is now being supplied as preprocessor macro. If VERSION is not defined it defaults to "DEVELOPER" - read smtp server and port form settings to allow for reports from users with broken ISPs - changed graphics scenes definition order - renamed agraphicsrasterview to agraphicsview - dutch translation added - AGraphicsScene interface to all scenes created by the scene factory - Extended dynamic graphic creation - Added new resource icons - added class information to various classes - added add/remove graphic menu - new interface class AGraphicsProcessorScene - created new factory class for graphic scenes - moved all scene classes to separate sub-directory - merge functionality for numeric limits commands - switched agraphicslimitwidgets flag based behavior to Boolean switch based behavior - implementation of undo commands for the limit-controller - working on limits-undo-commands - fixed dBmV calculation Bugfix - aspectran_defines.h converted to unicode - agraphicsspectrumwidget bandwidth values fixed bugfix - autoadjust button state correspondents to autoadjust checkbox bugfix: xcontrol does no longer quit after errors - fixed UAE bug - finished first version of SPECTRAN X Control - removed project "spectranreset" - added xcontrol application icon - made any mouse button cause the context menu being displayed - integrated new device variables - finished initial version of xcontrol - fixed some dynamic library compilation erros - fixed some vc related compilation issues working on XControl - updated stylesheets - when a application crash is detected, the include log checkbox is now checked by default - new Application property to check whenever the version number was changed during application restart - create auto marker on first run - scaling level property for result widget; default is 10.0 - new Application Property "Result Scaling Level" This Property holds the level for the desired minimal result value according the unit of measurement and its derived unit. - create new application "xcontrol" and replaced deprecated icons - workaround for result widget - point size bug fixed disconnect bug for controller-widgets - updated spanish translation - added gotFocus() signal to AGraphicsView; Used by the MainWindow to update controller accordingly - library initialization compile unit - updated spanish translation - minor cleanup and introduced command-line parameters. Use --help to get an overview. derived new class ASysInfo from QSysInfo; used to display human readable platform information. SpectrumMarker working - broken: fixing marker - indicator adjusted to new sweep processing - processor status label context menu - shadow sweep removed settingsChanged slot and introduced new boundaryChanged slot - finished zero span - changed group labels - fixed zero span 13.08.2010 - updated stylesheets - if a application crash is detected, the include log checkbox is checked by default now - updated locales - new Application property to check whenever the version number was changed during application restart - creat - create new application "xcontrol" and replaced deprecated icons - workaround for result widget- pointsize bug - updated spanish translation - added about dialogs - updated translations and localized URLs aswell - minor cleanup and introduced commandline parameters. Use --help to get an overview. - derived new class ASysInfo from QSysInfo; used to display human readable platform information. - indicator adjusted to new sweep processing - processor status label context menu - added shadow sweep - removed settingsChanged slot and introtuced new boundaryChanged slot - finished zero span - changed group labels - fixed typos - updated locales - fixed zero span - reload stylesheet action added - Minimum and Maximum Sweep are resetting when being enabled - added trace average offset causing the average to only be calculated form a desired starting point 06.08.2010 - sweep recording (Format Info) 30.07.2010 - Style support - Automatic Update- Check - Controller- Window redesign - German translation updated - Spanish translation started 02.07.2010 - more diagnostic output is included when sending a report including logs - updated German translation - measure units should be OK now - check for updates is now available beneath the '?' Menu
System Requirements
ProcessorIntel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 CPU, 1,5+ GHzQuad Core CPU 2+ GHz
Operating SystemWindows 7 or higher, MacOS X 10.9 or higher, Linux (earlier OS version may work but are not supported)
HDD Space100 MB (Installation)