Field Generators

DFG Series

400MHz - 6GHz

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Portable RF field generators of the DFG series are highly directional and offer very high output power. The perfect signal generators for any kind of EMC measurements or screening and shielding material tests.

Direktionale Feldstärke Generatoren der DFG Serie von 30MHz bis 3GHz

The portable, battery-operated field strength generator can be used with simple or complex batch programs that start automatically after power (eg CW signal, sweep, pulse, frequency hopping, etc.). Also, the level can be varied; programmable. A direct control (eg at the laboratory bench) is possible via USB. An appropriate, easy to use software for Mac, Linux and Windows, is included.

Please note the applicable legislation to use and own this field generator! We are not liable for any damages, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use of the field generator. The operation or possession of this generator can, depending on the country, be prohibited!

Make absolutely sure that the test transmitter not interferes with regular RF operations (also note harmonics!) and use it in well shielded EMC chambers / laboratories only! The improper use of the test transmitter as misery is strictly prohibited! With the purchase of this equipment you automatically accept these conditions.

Type and Frequency Range Price
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Datasheet Type Frequency Range Price
DFG7040700MHz799,95€Buy now!
DFG7060700MHz1098,-€Buy now!
DFG4040400MHz999,95€Buy now!
DFG4060400MHz1198,-€Buy now!

  •  Up to 3V/m output power
  •  Perfect for RF immunity measurements
  •  Perfect for RF attenuation measurements
  •  Onboard TCXO for very high frequency accuracy
  •  Battery operation up to 4h
  •  Onboard CPU and memory for intelligent self-running profiles

The Aaronia Signal Generator Software enables the real-time control of all Aaronia signal generators through the integrated USB-conntector.

Signalgenerator Software

Scope of delivery

DFG field generator, padded transport case, pistol grip, international charger/power supply, SMA tool, USB cable, control software

Frequency Range700MHz-4,4GHz700MHz-6GHz400MHz-4,4GHz400MHz-6GHz
Highest Output Level+17dBm+18dBm+17dBm+18dBm
Lowest Output Level-48dBm-45dBm-48dBm-45dBm
Accuracy+/- 1dB
Dynamic RangeUp to 65dBUp to 63dBUp to 65dBUp to 63dB
ModulationAM, FM, PM
ConnectorSMA (female)
Battery Lifeup to 4 hours
Warranty2 Years

Spectran Car Power Adapter (12V)
Original 12V power supply / battery charger for Spectran Spectrum Analyzer (Handheld and USB-Desktop versions). Perfect as replacement for the included power supply or simultaneous charging of both the Analyzers included in the Spectran bundles.
+ 19,95€ Shop
Zigaretten-Anzünder Adapter 12V
Large Aluminum Tripod
Height adjustable, high stability.  STRONGLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas!
+ 49,95€ Shop
Grosses Alu Stativ
Heavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-function
This highly stable multi-function pistol grip offers a variety of functions and should not be missing in any professional measurement! Specifically, it is strongly recommended for the use of larger antennas like the HyperLOG 30xxx and 40xx series.
+ 249,95€ Shop
Schwerer Multifunktions-Pistolengriff