RF / EMC Camera System

World’s first RF / EMC Camera System

Aaronia presents the world’s first RF / EMC “camera system”, the SPECTRAN RF VIEW.

The system consists of a complex measurement unit at each “pixel”. Each unit consists of a Spectrum Analyzer from the SPECTRAN RSA series and connected isotropic broadband antenna which are all connected via network to a central server.

The antennas are arranged in equal distance in an X / Y grid. The measurement data (amplitude and/or frequency) are visualized as a “chessboard-display”. Each field of the chessboard represents a measurement unit.

An RF camera with 8×8 points (64 pixels resolution) requires 64 measurement units that way.
This resolution seems to be rather small but already allows amazingly detailed measurements of antenna spreading characteristics or the graphical classification of radiated emissions during an EMC test.

The SPECTRAN RF VIEW saves considerable measurement time and allows very detailed information on the spreading patterns of emissions. The system can be extended to any size in order to reach much higher resolutions and is already successfully in use for research purpose and product evaluation of a leading telecommunications provider.

The system price is, despite the massive hardware insert, amazingly low. A 32 pixel system with 6GHz range is already available for less than € 100,000. Versions with up to 20GHz bandwidth will also be available against higher charge.

A real-time version, based on the latest SPECTRAN® V5 real time spectrum analyzer generation, is scheduled for 2015.

The next evaluation step is the extension to a 3D camera system (additional Z-axis) to obtain more complex information.

If you are interested in the SPECTRAN RF VIEW, please send an email to
[email protected]