Low noise Pre-amplifier UBBV 0910 (9kHz to 6GHz)

SPECTRAN Analyzer connected to UBBV Low noise Preamplifer

USB connector for Preamp calibration data readout

Broad band Preamplifier UBBV series

Included in delivery

  • UBBV 0910 RF Broadband Preamplifier
  • 2 mounting brackets for SPECTRAN
  • LiPo-Battery (integrated)
  • Battery charger and power supply incl. international adapter set
  • Aluminum carrying case with foam protection
  • Detailed English manual (on CD)
  • SMA tool
  • Cleaning brush

    Application examples

    • A "must have" for EMC measurements
    • Extremely low noise
    • Amplification of very weak signals
    • Boosts any antennas gain
    • Compensation of negative antenna gain


    • Currently there are no additional options available.


    • USB Cable (UBBV)

      To connect your external preamplifier to the PC. Special version with high performance EMC-ferrite. Highly recommended for PC use. You can find more product details in our online shop.

    • 1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable

      High quality special SMA cable for connecting any HyperLOG®-Antenna or BicoLOG®-Antenna or the preamplifiers UBBV Series with various test equipment like Aaronia RF Spectrum-Analyzer. You can find more details about the article in our online shop.

    • SMA to N Adapter

      To connect any Spectrum Analyzer etc. with N connector to the HyperLOG antenna (Above SMA cable needed). You can find more details in our online shop.

    • 20dB SMA Attenuator

      Expands the measurement range from +20dBm to +40dBm. More product details in our online shop.

    • DC-Blocker (SMA)

      The DC-Blocker must be used if you want to measure DC powered signals like DSL/ISDN lines. It prevents the RF-input of the SPECTRAN from being destroyed by the DC-voltages. Simply connect the DC-Blocker to the SMA-input of your SPECTRAN. More product details in our shop.


    Aaronia Low Noise Preamplifier

    Aaronia Low Noise RF Pre-Amp

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    frequency range of the spectrum analyzer
    € 499,95*
    (9kHz - 6GHz)
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    Technical data


    • Frequency range: 9kHz to 6GHz (provides gain up to 10GHz)
    • Noise: 0,4dB (typ.)!
    • Gain: 22dB (typ.), see datasheet graph
    • Max. power at RF input: +10dBm
    • Max. power at RF output: +8dBm
    • Saturation power: -12dBm (50 ohms)
    • Input: 50 Ohm SMA (f)
    • Output: 50 Ohm SMA (m)
    • Weight: 146gr
    • Dimensions: 81x61x29mm
    • Warranty: 10 years



    • Suitable for any brand of Spectrum Analyzers or antennas
    • Fits perfectly to any SPECTRAN (mounting brackets included)
    • Runs with battery or external power supply
    • Integrated calibration data on EEprom (readout via integrated USB interface, in preparation)
    • Very thick (2mm) aluminum housing offering very good screening
    • Includes international charger (110V/220V) and adapter


    Low Noise RF Pre-amplifier UBBV 0910 (9kHz to 6GHz)


    High-End RF Preamplifier up to 6GHz. Works with any brand of Spectrum Analyzers and directly fits to any SPECTRAN. Broadband sensitivity increase by up to 30dB.


    The UBBV 0910 can be used anywhere a high gain, low noise amp is called for; digging out those weak shortwave signals or putting new life into that analyzer.
    Newly designed microwave chips enable the UBBV 0910 to have gain up to 10GHz although we only spec the UBBV 0910 to 6GHz. The UBBV 0910 is the ideal general purpose RF amp with extremely low noise that you'll wonder how you got along without.

    Enables maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals. Highly recommended for EMC and Pre-Compliance tests like EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc..

    A "must have" to get the maximum performance out of any SPECTRAN unit.

    Made in Germany:

    All UBBV 0910 Preamplifier are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany in the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all UBBV 0910 Preamplifiers.


    Included in delivery:

    All UBBV 0910 amplifier are shipped with many accessories in a high-value aluminum carrying case. More details can be found at above section "Included in delivery".