40dB Pre-Compliance Broadband Preamplifier up to 1GHz UBBV1

SPECTRAN Analyzer connected to UBBV Low noise Preamplifer

USB connector for Preamp calibration data readout

Broad band Preamplifier UBBV series

Included in delivery

  • UBBV1 EMC Broadband Preamplifier
  • 2 mounting brackets for SPECTRAN
  • LiPo-Battery (integrated)
  • Battery charger and power supply incl. international adapter set
  • Aluminum carrying case with foam protection*
  • Detailed English manual (on CD)
  • SMA tool
  • Cleaning brush
    * If ordered with a SPECTRAN, the preamplifier will be supplied without carrying case (delivery within SPECTRAN carry case).

Application examples

  • A "must have" for EMC measurements
  • Amplification of very weak signals
  • Boosts any antenna gain
  • Compensation of negative antenna gain


  • Currently there are no additional options available.


  • USB Cable (UBBV)

    To connect your external preamplifier to the PC. Special version with high performance EMC-ferrite. Highly recommended for PC use. You can find more product details in our online shop.

  • 1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable

    High quality special SMA cable for connecting any HyperLOG®-Antenna or BicoLOG®-Antenna or the preamplifiers UBBV Series with various test equipment like Aaronia RF Spectrum-Analyzer. You can find more details about the article in our online shop.

  • SMA to N Adapter

    To connect any Spectrum Analyzer etc. with N connector to the HyperLOG antenna (Above SMA cable needed). You can find more details in our online shop.

  • 20dB SMA Attenuator

    Expands the measurement range from +20dBm to +40dBm. More product details in our online shop.

  • DC-Blocker (SMA)

    The DC-Blocker must be used if you want to measure DC powered signals like DSL/ISDN lines. It prevents the RF-input of the SPECTRAN from being destroyed by the DC-voltages. Simply connect the DC-Blocker to the SMA-input of your SPECTRAN. More product details in our shop.


Aaronia Preamplifier up to 1GHz

Aaronia Low-Noise RF PreAmp

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499,95 €*
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Technical data

  • Frequency range: 1MHz to 1GHz
  • Noise: 3,5dB (typ.)
  • Gain: 40dB (typ.)
  • Max. power at RF input: +15dBm
  • Max. power at RF output: +15dBm
  • Saturation power: -25dBm (50 ohms)
  • Input: 50 Ohm SMA (f)
  • Output: 50 Ohm SMA (m)
  • Weight: 146gr
  • Warranty: 10 years



  • Suitable for any brand of Spectrum Analyzers or antennas
  • Fits perfectly to any SPECTRAN (mounting brackets included)
  • Runs with battery or external power supply
  • Integrated LiPo battery (up to 3,5h run time)
  • Integrated calibration data on EEprom (readout via integrated USB interface)
  • Very thick (2mm) aluminum housing offering very good screening
  • Includes international charger (110V/220V) and adapter


40dB Broadband Preamplifier UBBV1


Low Noise Broadband Pre-Amplifier. Directly fits to any SPECTRAN. Also works with any other brand of Spectrum Analyzers. Offers  broad frequency range and increases the sensitivity by up to 40dB.


External, super low-noise 40dB broad band preamplifier. Enables maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals. Highly recommended for EMC and Pre-Compliance tests like EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc..

A "must have" to get the maximum performance out of any SPECTRAN unit.

Made in Germany:

All UBBV Low-Noise-Amplifier are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all UBBVs.


Included in delivery:

All UBBV-Amplifier will be shipped with many accessories in a high-value aluminum carrying case. More details can be found at above section "Included in delivery".