Low Frequency Remote Spectrum Analyzer and SPECTRAN NF RSA 5000

installed into rack system

back panel of computer

front view of the emf monitor

Included in delivery

  • Low frequency SPECTRAN NF RSA 5000
  • Power supply
  • Cleaning brush
  • Detailed English manual (on CD)
  • USB controlled Analyzer software for Mac OS, Linux and Windows (on CD)

Application examples

Examples for possible analysis and measurements within frequency range (1Hz - 30MHz):

  • Traction power
  • Power lines and cables 
  • Transformer
  • Power supplies and harmonics
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Switching power supplies
  • TFT and LCD monitors and TVs
  • 135kHz RFID
  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • 13,56MHz RFID
  • Various home appliances, industry and office up to 30MHz


  • Option 005 (65MSPS 12Bit Dual DDC Frequency Filter)

     This cutting edge 12Bit DDC frequency filter allows extremely fast, crisp and accurate frequency filtering, while at the same time drastically enhancing the sensitivity. As an example, magnetic fields can (depending on their frequency) still be measured down to 1pT (0.001nT), compared to 0.1nT without the option. Option 005 is therefore a MUST-HAVE for professional measurement, especially considering its attractive price.

  • Option UBBV2, 40dB Low Noise External Broadband Preamplifier (1MHz-10GHz)

    These external super low-noise preamplifiers have a broad frequency range and high 40dB gain, enabling maximum performance particularly when measuring extremely weak signals at a EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 EMC-test. If you use our BicoLOG antennas or our PBS1 Near Field Probe Set and EMC-Sniffer these broadband amplifiers are a MUST HAVE to get the best performance.

  • Option 008 (20MHz Frequency Extension)

    This 20MHz frequency extension option vastly enhances the frequency range of the NF-5030. Amongst others, it brings the ADSL and 13.56MHz RFID frequency bands in range. The maximum frequency range of the NF-5030 without option 008 is 1MHz.

  • Option 010 (30MHz Frequency Extension)

     Our 30MHz frequency option extends the frequency range of the NF-5030 or NF-XFR to the absolute maximum. The new frequency range is 1kHz to 30MHz. Amongst others, it even allows measurement of VDSL2. The higher clock frequency of the DDC provided by this option is a MUST-HAVE for technicians and authorities needing accurate measurements of signal sources up to 30MHz. The maximum frequency of the NF-5030 without option 010 is 1MHz.

  • Highend i5 EMF-Monitor

    SPECTRAN as a highend 19" rack version with built-in PC with an Intel i5-2405S, 8GB DDR3 (1333MHz) RAM, 320GB HDD, 1 x DVI-I (analog + digital), 1 x HDMI, extenal power supply (19.5 V, max. 7.9 A) and Linux operating system. Can be used as a standalone desktop PC or network SPECTRAN server. (Extra charge for PC € 500.00)

  • Software "EMF-Monitor"

    Advanced Logger- and Monitoring Software for continuous logging & streaming of any frequency range. Allows the access and the control of the RSA via network or internet. You can find further information about the EMF-Monitor Software on our software page. +€ 499.95


  • EMI/EMC Near Field Probe Set Sniffer PBS1 or PBS2 (DC to 9GHz)

    Allows straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources from DC to 9GHz in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement. Our near field probe set sniffer includes a total of 5 probes: 4 magnetic field probes and one electric field probe. You can find detailed information of the products on there shop.

  • Active Differential Probe ADP1 (DC to 30MHz)

    The ADP1 offers a potential free measurement and also expands the measurement range up to 240V. Signals will not be influenced (potential free measurement). Protects the SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzer input against high voltages up to 1400V (CAT3). A "must have" for direct cable-measurements of DSL, ADSL, VDSL, free running oszillators, mains etc.. More details in our onlie shop.

  • Vibrationssensor / Geofon GEO10 & GEO14 (4Hz ~ 1kHz)

    The highly sensitive GEO vibration sensors offer a surprisingly high sensitivity within a wide frequency range down to 4Hz. They are especially suitable for detecting vibrations in machines and electronic circuitry or in the working environment, as well as monitoring compliance with (official) exposure limits. More information about the product in our online shop.

  • 1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable

    High quality special SMA cable for connecting any HyperLOG®-Antenna or BicoLOG®-Antenna or the preamplifiers UBBV Series with various test equipment like Aaronia RF Spectrum-Analyzer. You can find more details about the article in our online shop.

  • 20dB SMA Attenuator

    Expands the measurement range from +20dBm to +40dBm. More product details in our online shop.

  • DC-Blocker (SMA)

    The DC-Blocker must be used if you want to measure DC powered signals like DSL/ISDN lines. It prevents the RF-input of the SPECTRAN from being destroyed by the DC-voltages. Simply connect the DC-Blocker to the SMA-input of your SPECTRAN. More product details in our shop.

  • Calibration Certificate

    For the pro user. Includes a detailed calibration sheet. More information about the article in our online shop.


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frequency range of the spectrum analyzer
€ 2499.95*
(1Hz - 30MHz)
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Technical data

  • Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz (30MHz)
  • Analog Input: 2µV to 200mV (typ.)
  • With opt. DDC:
    200nV to 200mV (typ.)
  • Resolution (RBW): 0,3Hz to 1MHz
    (1-3-10 step)
  • Units: Volt
  • Detectors: RMS, Min/Max
  • Demodulator: AM, FM
  • Input: N input (f)
  • Accuracy: 3% (typ.)
  • Interface: USB 2.0/1.1/LAN
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 19 inch rack mount
  • Weight: 3450gr
  • Warranty: 2 years


Integrated PC:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron G530 2,4GHz
  • RAM: 2x2GB SO-DiMM DDR3, 1066MHz
  • HDD: 320GB (5400rpm)
  • External Ports: 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x Audio, 1x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet, 1x DVI-I (Analog,Digital), 1x HDMI, 1x eSATA
  • Power supply: 19,5V (7,9A max.)
  • Operatingsystem: Linux



  • Internet flash software updates
  • High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • Real-time remote control via USB
  • Audio out for the use of PC based FFT analyzer software
  • Very thick (3mm) aluminum housing offering very good screening
  • Free Mac OS, Linux and Windows software


SPECTRAN NF RSA 5000 (Rack Version)


Our low frequency spectrum analyzer flagship from 1Hz up to 30MHz. Best screening against interferences incl. real-time USB Analyzer-Software for MAC-OS, Linux, Windows.


Optional Software EMF-Monitor  allows access to unlimited RSA Analyzers from one centralized location, eliminating trips to difficult locations


Contains a fully equipped internal PC!

Our 19" inch Spectrum Analyzer can be used in any standard 19" rack. The RSA Series offers the possibility to control the analyzer via LAN / WLAN or USB. These interfaces allow a complete integration into an existing network. The Spectrum Analyzer can either be remotely controlled via MCS software or via the optional web interface (Software "EMF-Monitor"). The system is based on a Linux operating system and can be expanded or customized manually (VPN, GSM dial-up, etc.).


Patented technology:

Based on a patented spectrum analyzer method Aaronia can offer a professional EMF measurement at a spectacular price level.

Detect sources of interference, find out more about their causes, determine the frequency and intensity of the signal sources, measure limits and more.


Made in Germany:

All SPECTRANs are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers.


Real-time Spectrum Analyzer software:

The EMF Monitor offers a USB interface with real-time remote control to your PC or MAC. The free USB/LAN controlled analyzer software, which is available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows, transforms any SPECTRAN into a powerful desktop measurement solution with great features (e.g. unlimited display size, multiple window display, histogram, waterfall diagram, unlimited number of markers, enhanced limits display, recording feature etc.). Please have a look at the latest version of our software at our Software Development Website



All SPECTRAN units can be equipped with various options which highly expand the functionality. More details about possible options for this SPECTRAN are available at above section "Options".


Included in delivery:

Each SPECTRAN will be shipped with many accessories. More details can be found at above section "Included in delivery".