Active EMC Antenna BicoLOG 20100E X

Aaronia BicoLOG biconical Antenna on the pistol grip

Aaronia BicoLOG biconical Antenna on small tripod

Included in delivery

  • EMC Antenna BicoLOG 20100E X with preamplifier
  • Typical calibration data with 196 calibration points (5MHz steps!) on CD
  • Heavy plastic carrying case
  • SMA tool

Application examples

Examples for possible analysis and measurements within frequency range (20MHz - 1GHz):

  • Pre-Compliance-Test even for very low signals
  • Radio & TV
  • Tetra/BOS
  • ISM434
  • LTE800
  • ISM868
  • GSM900
  • etc.


  • Currently there are no additional options available.


  • 1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable

    High quality special SMA cable for connecting any HyperLOG®-Antenna or BicoLOG®-Antenna or the preamplifiers UBBV Series with various test equipment like Aaronia RF Spectrum-Analyzer. You can find more details about the article in our online shop.

  • Heavy Multifunctional Pistol Grip

    Highly recommended for the usage of our HyperLOG antennas: Quick and easy change of antenna polarization, perfect antenna handling (even with the more heavy HyperLOG 40xx and 30xxx series). A MUST-HAVE for any pro user. You can find more product details in our online shop.

  • Large Aluminum Tripod

    Height adjustable, high stability. HIGHLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas.You can find detailed information in our online shop.

  • SMA to N Adapter

    To connect any Spectrum Analyzer etc. with N connector to the HyperLOG antenna (Above SMA cable needed). You can find more details in our online shop.


Active biconical Antenna BicoLOG

Active biconical Antenna BicoLOG X

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(20MHz - 1GHz)
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Technical data

  • Compatible with any Spectrum Analyzer brand
  • Design: Biconical (radial isotropic)
  • Frequency range: 20MHz to 1GHz
  • Max. output power: 100mW AM
  • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Gain: 2dBi to 41dBi
  • Antenna factor: See data sheet graph
  • RF connection: SMA socket (18GHz) or N socket using an adapter
  • Calibration points: 196 (5MHz-steps!)
  • Dimensions (L/W/D):
  • Weight: 1300gr
  • Warranty: 10 years



  • Excellent gain performance for EMC measurements down to 20MHz
  • Typical standard calibration data (on CD)
  • Coverage of various mobile radio frequency ranges
  • Suitable for field-strength and EMC measurements due to high precision
  • Compact design
  • Can be used in the lab and for open-field application


BicoLOG 20100E X


EMC active antenna BicoLOG 20100E X with much higher gain especially in the low frequency range. Meets even the most restrictive EMC standards like EN55011, EN55022 etc..


Every BicoLOG EMC Test-Antenna goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatch and is equipped with a high quality rubber paint which offers protection against mechanical damage and environmental influence, a top-quality integrated tripod connection and a SMA connector.


Made in Germany:

All Aaronia pre compliance antennas are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 10 years warranty for all EMC antennas.


Exhaustive Calibration data:

All Aaronia EMC Stand Antennas include a complete high resolution (10MHz or even 5MHz steps!) calibration data set with an unmatched number of calibration points (on CD). This offers the ability to make a very accurate EMC measurement with any Spectrum Analyzer.


Optional Accessories:

Each BicoLOG EMC Antenna can be equipped with many accessories. More details can be found at above section "Accessories".