New Shielding Fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA

High performance shielding fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA.  Comparable to the conventional Aaronia Shield, but with a higher damping factor of up to 70dB and non-oxidizing. Perfect for shielding of window surfaces indoors and even outdoors. Can[…]


Isotropic RF Tracking Antenna “IsoLOG 3D” coming soon! Our new IsoLOG 3D will soon be available. It includes a high density LPDA sector array (A total of at least 16 HyperLOG 60180 antennas, 8 for horizontal[…]

New stainless steel shielding material Aaronia Mesh

Aaronia presents the new Shielding material Aaronia mesh, made of high-tech stainless steel fibers. Ideal for industrial applications as well as for military, research and development. Aaronia mesh has been specially designed for use under extreme[…]

User Feedback of Aaronia MCS Software

A User Review to the Aaronia MCS Software can be found at: More Information & Download Link for the MCS Software: Aaronia MCS