Wide Band MULTI Receiver Drone Detection System

Aaronia presents Worlds First Wide Band MULTI Receiver Drone Detection System! The multi receiver UAV DDS offers the same super fast detection time as our single receiver system (up to 100mS) since it gets rid of[…]

Drone Detector UI/UX Update

The Aaronia Drone Detection System now has an enhanced user-interface with azimuth and altitude separate for each detected drone or remote control.

19″ Ultra Wide Band Monitor

The new 19″ Ultra Wide Band Monitor and Recorder is ready for sale! Up to 10 V5 real-time spectrum analyzers record and measure with each up to 175MHz real-time bandwidth, which totals to a real-time bandwidth[…]

RTSA-Suite PRO Drone Detection Update

The Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO now has the “Automatic Drone Pattern Classification and Recording Tool”! A first version of the tool is available in the newest nightly build at our download page.

NEW: IsoLOG 3D Mobile (9kHz – 6GHz)

The new, isotropic IsoLOG 3D Mobile antennas are now available for sale. Discover the battery-powered all-in-one solution from 9kHz up to 6GHz with internal bypass-preamplifier. More information >>