IsoLOG 3D Mobile Antenna

New version of the popular IsoLOG 3D Mobile also for WiFi6

A new version with extended frequency range is now available: IsoLOG 3D Mobile 9080 PRO. It now also allows the measurement of signals up to 8GHz, as used for example in WiFi6. Thus, our mobile isotropic antenna manifests itself once again as the only true all-in-one solution. […]

Austrian Army relies exclusively on AARTOS

Among several competitors, the Austrian Armed Forces have exclusively decided to use our well-proven AARTOS drone detection system.   The C-EAT (Countering Emergency Air Threats) project of the Air Force and Anti-Aircraft School, in which drone[…]

AARTOS DDS deployed at Heathrow Airport

AARONIA’S BESPOKE ANTI-DRONE SYSTEM DEPLOYED AT HEATHROW TO PROTECT THE UK’S BUSIEST AIRFIELD   Today, Aaronia announces that its anti-drone systems have been deployed at Europe’s No.1 Airport Heathrow as part of the airport‘s bespoke set[…]

Aaronia protects NATO summit

Aaronia’s Drone Detection System has been the exclusive RF-based Counter-UAV System to protect the 2018 NATO summit.   Download this article as a .PDF here!   Brussels, Belgium, July 13, 2018 – The Belgium Police has selected the AARTOS[…]