electronica 2022

Presenting Aaronia’s Array of Innovative Products


Strickscheid, October, 28, 2022 This November, at the electronica trade fair in Munich (Hall A3/Stand 516), Aaronia AG will present its world-class spectrum analyzers and EMC measurement products.

Aaronia’s newest product, the SPECTRAN® V6 real-time UWB spectrum analyzer, simplifies a wide range of measurement, production, and research tasks and serves as a dynamic solution for users worldwide. This series of real-time spectrum analyzers are designed for both near- and far-field measurements, measuring and localizing sources of interference radiation, and monitoring EMC problems. With a real-time bandwidth of up to 500MHz and a sweep speed of 1,000 GHz/s, the new SPECTRAN® V6 is capable of making EMC measurements in real-time (even extremely short interfering signals can be detected and localized).

The company will also be presenting the world’s largest selection of measurement antennas (ranging from 1Hz to 40GHz), EMC measurement accessories, and powerful software tools that increases the capabilities of its products even further..


Our Dynamic Range of Antennas


Due to its high accuracy and more than 300W maximum power, the HyperLOG EMI antenna is perfect for immunity tests and as a reference antenna for professional EMC and pre-compliance tests.

In addition to its SPECTRAN® V6, Aaronia also plans to present its wide range of state of the art Antennas.

HyperLOG EMI: With high accuracy and more than 300W maximum power, the HyperLOG EMI antenna excels in conducting immunity tests and is also a suitable reference antenna for professional EMC and pre-compliance tests.

PowerLOG PRO EMI: The PowerLOG PRO EMI antenna is a double polarized horn antenna which allows horizontal and/or vertical measurements without the need to rearrange the test setup.

BicoLOG: The handy BicoLOG series of EMI measurement antennas have a radial-isotropic receiving pattern that allows precise omnidirectional measurements in a specified frequency range.

EMC Probe Sets: The high performance EMC probe sets are compatible with any spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope and allow for pinpoint measurements as well as localization of interference sources in extremely wide frequency ranges.


Powerful analysis software


The “Wrapped Spectrum” view is a unique spectrum monitoring feature of the RTSA Suite PRO. It achieves high resolution by “wrapping” the spectrum with multiple lines (1-8). On the screenshot you can see a spectrum from 750MHz to 2.6GHz, divided into six lines. This uses six times the screen resolution (here a 4K screen resolution: 3840 pixels x 6 = 23040 pixels) to display the complete frequency range. Giving you the ultimate spectrum overview, including frequency profiles.(e.g. Bluetooth, LTE).

Aaronia’s modular, real-time spectrum monitoring software “RTSA-Suite PRO” (with features such as recording and playback) will also be on display this November. Along with seamless, real-time, 3D viewing at up to 25 million samples per second, the software also offers the simultaneous display of several spectra, a histogram function and waterfall display, and an unlimited number of markers (or a complex limit value display).


IQ Recording

The ability to record IQ data in real time is one of the more impressive features of RTSA Suite Pro. The Record & Replay function of the SPECTRAN® V6, combined with RTSA Suite PRO, allows recording and replay of the full IQ bandwidth (up to 245MHz). This allows all data to be stored locally or externally, which can then be recalled to examine a signal at any time. Naturally, the recording duration is limited by the capacity of the storage media used.


Signal Generators


The SPECTRAN® V6 VSG series of vector signal generators are capable of real-time bandwidths of up to 120 and 240 MHz, a frequency range of 10 MHz – 6 GHz, and a large number of modulation types..

The SPECTRAN® V6 VSG series of signal generators can generate a wide range of signals and stands out in areas like immunity testing. Aaronia also offers sweep, noise, pulse, FSK, QAM, OFDM and echo/reflection modulation types with this series.

The VSG series can deliver real-time bandwidths of 120 and 240 MHz over a frequency range of 75 MHz – 6 GHz. Using its integrated IQ signal generator, the VSG series can generate signals from QAM64 to QAM4096 for special testing cases.

In addition to its SPECTRAN series, Aaronia also plans to present its battery-powered BPSG signal generators. These provide accurate RF signals for EMI shielding and testing as well as EMI/RFI measurements. Offered in three different models, the BPSG can cover frequency ranges from 23.5 MHz to 6 GHz.


Real-time 3D direction finding

IsoLOG 3D DF 160

The IsoLOG 3D DF antenna array covers 20MHz to 20GHz and provides accurate radio direction finding with real-time spectrum analyzers. Users also have the ability to add 8 to 16 dedicated AF antennas to cover a frequency range down to 18 MHz.

The IsoLOG 3D DF antenna is Aaronia’s all-in-one solution for drone detection, providing industry-best signal location, counter surveillance, and detection. With the aid of a robust control software, you can switch between any selected antennas in your array. And thanks to its high-end digital switches, the IsoLOG 3D DF achieves extremely short switching times of up to 8µs, allowing much higher rotation speeds than conventional radar antennas. With a range of models of up to 32 independent DF antennas, installed in a weatherproof IP65-certified housing, users can experience a drone detection system that stands far above any competition.

In combination with the SPECTRAN® V6 and Aaronia’s RTSA-Suite PRO Software Package, the IsoLOG 3D DF is capable of quasi real-time signal location, and the detection of extremely short signal pulse sources.

Visit us at electronica from November 15-18 in Hall 3, Booth 516 and experience the latest products and solutions for universal and broadband EMC measurements.


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