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Waterfall View

The Waterfall View projects measurement data as a “heatmap” in both frequency (x-axis) and time (y-axis) domain. This gives a better indication of time-based signals than you can get with the other views.


1. Display Unit
See Value Display Unit in Spectrum View.

2. Value Colortable
Use this to check what measurement value is represented by a given color (e.g. green elements in the sample view refer to values around -82 dBm).

3. Time Raster
Indicates at which time the data of a given line was recorded. This is continuously updates as more data is recorded (or replayed).

4. Time Axis Scrollbar
If the view has more data than can be displayed with the current settings you can use the scrollbar to display older lines. Note that the display will stop moving if the scrollbar is not at the top setting.

5. Waterfall Graphic

6. Frequency Raster
See Frequency Raster in Spectrum View.

7. Frequency Raster Unit
See Frequency Raster Unit in Spectrum View.

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