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Waterfall Control


1. Level Controls
See Scaling Controls (1) and Scaling Controls (2)

2. Gauss Radius
If this is set to a value higher than 1 it enables a graphical blur filter on the waterfall lines, which can be used to smooth small spikes. Note that the filter can require a lot of processing power, so only increase this value if your system can handle it.

3. Line Count
Sets the maximum number of waterfall lines that will be shown in the view. At higher values each line will use a lesser portion of the view, but each line will always be visible.

4. Enable / Disable Axes
See Spectrum Control

5. Cache Status
Current fill status of the line cache. When this display reaches 100% old lines will be removed, unless they are currently displayed. Once removed a line can no longer be displayed.

6. Cache Size
Maximum number of waterfall lines that will be stored. Increasing this value will also increase the memory requirements of the software, esp. with long and detailed measurements (like EN compliance tests).

7. Reset Waterfall
Discard all existing data of the waterfall.

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