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Trace List and Controls


1. Trace List
This list show all traces currently available for the selected Spectrum View. Each trace can be activated or deactivated separately using the checkbox on the left. Only activated traces will be displayed in the Spectrum View.

2. Active Traces

3. Selected Trace
The currently selected trace is marked by a bold black frame. Several actions on te right side of the list will operate on the selected trace.

4. Inactive Traces

5. Average Trace Settings
Determines how many sweeps should be used to compute the “Average” trace. Higher values will reduce the influence of individual sweeps on the result, so the average does not change as much, but will require more system ressources. Also old sweeps are discarded if certain memory limits are reached, so at a certain point increasing this value anymore will be without effect.

6. Add Limit Trace
Add a new trace object based on a existing limit definition. Note that as limits are usually only defined for specific frequency ranges and measurement units the trace may not be visible in the Spectrum View if the current sweep parameters aren’t compatible. See Limits Control and View for more information about limits.

7. Add Trace from Reference Sweep
Load a previously saved sweep object and create a new trace from it which can be used as a visual reference to compare different measurements.

8. Reset Trace Data on all Traces
Performs a reset on all traces.

9. Add Trace Snapshot
Create a frozen copy of the selected trace which can be used as a visual reference to compare different measurements.

10. Create Trigger from Selected Trace
Create a new trigger using the selected trace as limit, see Measurement Triggers

11. Save selected Trace as Reference Sweep
Store the data of the selected trace to a file on disk, so it can be reloaded later, e.g. to compare measurements from different devices.

12. Change Trace Label / Color
Customize the color or label of the selected trace

13. Reset Trace Data of selected Trace
Reset the data of the selected trace (Maximum, Minimum, Average or Shadow).

14. Remove Selected Trace
Remove the selected trace from the trace list and the spectrum view. Only traces added by the user can be removed, default traces can only be deactivated.

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