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Spectrum View

The Spectrum View is a 2D-projection of measurement data in the frequency domain. It can display multiple Traces in a single view, and also highlight specific values using Markers for each trace. You may additionally define Triggers to perform a number of actions if certain limits are exceeded. Last but not least it is possible to add a Channels / Providers Overlay to visualize allocated frequencies in the current frequency spectrum.


1. Scrollbar for Reference Level
See Reference Level Controls.

2. Trace Legend
Lists the currently available traces in their respective color. You can activate/deactivate traces using the checkbox on the left, but to create / remove traces you have to use the Trace List and Controls in the Spectrum Control.

3. Result Value Raster

4. Value Display Unit
The currently selected unit to visualize result values in this view. You can change this in the Result Control.

5. Sweep Cursor
Visual aid that shows where the device is currently sweeping. Can be enabled / disabled in the Spectrum Control.

6. Active Traces

7. Channel Info Overlay
Many sweep profiles include an optional list of associated channels or providers (short channellist from now on) for the specified frequency spectrum. These can be displayed as a graphical overlay. This overlay can be enabled / disabled in the Spectrum Control.

8. Frequency Axis

9. Frequency Display Unit
Shows the unit of displayed frequencies. This is usually “kHz” for NF devices and “MHz” for HF devices.

10. Markers
When markers have been added they are displayed as colored triangles within the view, together with an index number to identify them and usually their current measurement value.

11. Sweep Parameters Overview
Displays a brief overview of the most relevant Sweep Parameters. Note that this item will be hidden if there is not enough space in the view to display it without problems.

12. Marker Legend
Shows a list of all currently set markers, including their index number, type, measurement value and current frequency. The color of the text depends on which trace the marker is assigned to. A Doubleclick on this area will open the Marker Editor.

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