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Spectrum Control


1. Scaling / Level Controls
See Scaling Controls (1) and Scaling Controls (2)

2. Trace List and Controls
See Trace List and Controls

3. Enable / Disable Channel Overlay
Enables or Disables the Channel Info Overlay.

4. Trigger Controls
See Trigger Controls

5. Enable / Disable Axes
If disabled the scale numbers and unit on the bottom / left part of the view are removed and the space used for the actual data presentation.

6. Enable / Disable Sweepcursor
Enables or Disables the Sweep Cursor

7. Enable / Disable Trace Smoothing
Switch to a different drawing algorithm to avoid sharp edges on displayed traces.

8. Enable / Disable Trace Filling
Fill the area between each trace and the x-axis.

9. Enable / Disable Overlay Elements
You can show/hide various overlay elements inside the spectrum view.

10. Mouse Mode
Changes the semantics of mouse actions inside the view:

  • Change Parameters: Mouse actions will change device frequency settings
  • Zoom: Mouse actions will change only what data is displayed, but won’t affect the actual measurement settings.
  • Edit Markers: Mouse actions will set/remove/edit markers, device and display settings are unaffected.

11. Marker Controls
See Marker Controls

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