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Settings Control


The Settings Control is the main interface for controlling the Spectran device parameters. It allows to adjust most settings that are also available in the Spectran device menu. Therefore please refer to your Spectran Manual for a detailed explanation of each setting. Note that only settings relevant for the current device are displayed, so for example when a HF device is connected you cannot change the sensor setting like on a NF. Also not all settings of the Spectran device menu are available in the Settings Control: Variables that only affect what is displayed on the Spectran device are obviously useless when used with the MCS software, some other settings are located in the Spectran Menu of the MCS.

1. Profile Selection
Select a predefined profile to quickly setup all relevant device parameters.

2. Frequency Parameters
Frequency range to measure. As these values are all dependent on each other the following rules apply:

  •  changing the start- or stopfrequency will adjust centerfrequency and frequency span accordingly
  •  changing the centerfrequency or frequency span will adjust the start- and stopfrequency

Note that changes might result in start- or stopfrequency being beyond device limits. In that case the frequency span will be reduced until both are within device limits again.

To change any of the frequencies you can either click on it to open an advanced edit field (allowing you to enter frequencies in a different unit than displayed) or use your mouse-wheel to stepwise increase/decrease the frequency at the digit under the mouse-cursor.

3. Timing Parameters
Higher sampletimes will result in a more accurate sweep, but will require more time for each sweep to complete.

4. Resolution Parameters
The minimal number of samples to take in each sweep. If the selected frequency and filter settings may result in a higher samplecount that value will be used instead.

5. Filter Settings
Filter settings, see Spectran Manual.

6. Attenuator Settings
Internal Attenuator settings, see Spectran Manual.

7. Detector / Sensor Settings
Detector (HF devices) or Sensor (NF devices) settings, see Spectran Manual.

8. Measurement Unit
Select unit to use for displaying measurement data. See Unit Setting for details.

9. Cache Settings
Enable the internal SPECTRAN cache to accelerate the sweep

10. Preamplifier Settings
Enable / Disable the internal preamplifier, see Spectran Manual. Only available on devices where the preamplifier option is installed.

11. PEP Settings
Not implemented

12. Pulsemode Settings
Enable / Disable Pulsemode setting, see Spectran Manual.

13. Initial Boot Calibration Button
Repeat the calibration program that is executed on the Spectran at bootup.

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