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Limits View

The Limits View allows you to compare your measurements against a predefined set of limit values, for example regulatory limits for device emissions. Note that this view is independent of the Limit Traces that can be displayed in the Spectrum View.

When a limit is selected the Limits View will display how your measurement relates to it. This includes both the current data (last completed sweep) as well as average and maximum values obtained over the whole measurement duration or a specified timeframe. If your measurement does not exceed the defined values the bars in the view will stay green, if one or more values are exceeded they will turn red.

Limits are defined with a specific unit, start- and stop-frequencies. If the current measurement cannot be converted to the unit of the limit, or does not match the specified frequency boundaries, the Limits View will display a corresponding error message.


1. Selected Limit
Displays the name of the currently selected limit.

2. Current Values
Displays the values of the different limit comparison bars. The values are identical to those shown on the left side.

3. Values within Selected Limit
Selected values that stay within the selected limit are shown with a green bar. The displayed text includes the type of value being compared, how the value relates to the limit (in other words: how much the value can increase before violating the limit) and the time when the value was measured.

4. Values Exceeding Selected Limit
Values that violate the selected limit will be shown with a red bar, and have the same text as values within the limit.

5. 100% Mark
When the selected scaling exceeds 100% a reference marker is shown at the 100% position.

6. Limit Raster

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