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Histogram View

The Histogram View provides a statistical view on how often certain values were measured at each frequency in the measured spectrum. For this the view maintains a 2D matrix where each element represents a certain value- and frequency range (based on sweep parameters, dynamic range, reference level and display resolution of the view). After each completed sweep the matrix elements corresponding to measured values are updated for a “positive hit” while all other elements are updated for a “negative hit”, see the explanation of Raise and Drain parameters below.

This matrix is very sensitive to changes, therefore if any of the parameters listed above changes it is recreated and the current statistic is lost.

1. Hitvalue Colortable
Use this to lookup the approximate value of a given point in the view. In general blue and green points are hit infrequently, while yellow and red points are hit frequently, but this depends on the current Raise, Drain and Maximum Buffer parameters.

2. Measurementvalue Raster
See Measurement Value Raster in Spectrum View.

3. Display Unit
See Value Raster Unit in Spectrum View

4. Reference Level Scrollbar
See Scrollbar for Reference Level in Spectrum View.

5. Histogram Graphic

6. Frequency Raster
See Frequency Raster in Spectrum View

7. Frequency Raster Unit
See Frequency Raster Unit in Spectrum View

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