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SPECTRAN Firmware Updater

The Spectran Firmware Updater is a utility application to upload new firmware versions to USB-connected Spectran devices, replacing previous commandline tools. It can also report diagnostic information to properly identify a connected device.
For technical reasons the Spectran Firmware Updater is currently only available for Windows systems.
The Firmware Updater is also available as a standalone package on the Aaronia website that is updated independent of the MCS. The standalone version is usually more tested than the one included in the MCS.
After starting the Firmware Updater it will automatically check your system for connected Spectran USB devices. If it finds exactly one device (see below) it will show the detected device information in the various information fields in the main window and recommend a specific firmware version as update. Please verify that the displayed information is correct before proceeding with the update! Due to a multitude of different device configurations, operating systems, device drivers and even usb cables it is possible that the program identifies the device incorrectly, which can result in the wrong firmware being selected. Using the wrong firmware will likely render the device inoperable or cause other problems. If you’re certain that the device was identified correctly and the correct firmware version has been selected you can then start the update process. The program will then guide you through the different steps. After the update is finished you can close the application, or connect a different device and repeat the process by triggering a rescan.
Note: For technical reasons the update process can only work correctly if exactly one Spectran USB device is connected to the system. If more than one (or no) device is connected the program will display an error message when scanning the device list.
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