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SPECTRAN Firmware Updater Window



Rescan Device List

1. Rescan Device List
Force a rescan of the currently connected devices.


Device Description

2. Device Description
Description of the device as shown in the Windows Device Manager


Device Model

3. Device Model
Complete device model name. Please specify this when contacting Aaronia support.


Device Serial Number

4. Device Serial Number
The serial number of the connected device.


Current Device Firmware

5. Current Device Firmware
The version number of the firmware currently running on the device as detected by the Firmware Updater.


Hardware Options

6. Hardware Options
Lists the options currently installed in the device. You can lookup the numbers on the Aaronia website or use the Extended Device Information dialog to get the names of each option.


Available Firmware Version

7. Available Firmware Version
Lists the version that will be used when performing a firmware update.


Manual Firmware Selection

8. Manual Firmware Selection
Allows to override the automatic Firmware selection and select another firmware included in the Updater.
Warning: Using the wrong firmware can make your device unusable, requiring a hard reset. Only use this option when instructed to do so by the Aaronia support.


Show Firmware History

9. Show Firmware History
This will open a new dialog listing all changes between firmware versions.


Perform Firmware Update

10. Perform Firmware Update
Start the actual update process.


Extended Device Information

11. Extended Device Information
Open the Detailed Device Information dialog for the selected device.


Close Application

12. Close Application


Language Selection

13. Language Selection
You can change the language of the user interface in this combobox.


Version Information

14. Version Information
Shows the full version of the Firmware Updater. Always specify this when reporting problems.
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