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Overlay Editor


Overlay Label

1. Overlay Label
The name used to identify this entry. Typically the name of the band, provider, channel or application covered.


Frequency Range

2. Frequency Range
Frequency range to be covered by this entry.


Overlay Category

3. Overlay Category
Hint for the application what is described by this overlay entry. This is used by the Channelpower view.


Overlay Color

4. Overlay Color
Specify a color to be used when visualizing this overlay entry. The small button on the right will reset this entry to the internal default.


Apply Changes

5. Apply Changes
Apply changes and close this window.


Create/Edit Channelgroups

6. Create/Edit Channelgroups
Create a channelgroup below this overlay entry. See Channelgroup Editor for details.


Discard Changes

7. Discard Changes
Discard all changes and close this window.
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