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Limits Editor

The Limits Editor is a tool that allows you to modify the MCS database of emission limits definitions used by the Spectrum- and Limits View. You can access it either the same way you started the MCS, or from within the MCS using the Limits Editor menu entry. Note though that either way the limits editor is an external application, and the MCS may not be able to detect such changes automatically by itself, so you may have to restart it to reload the database.

Storage Locations

When you edit the limits database it is very important where you save your changes, as the MCS only looks for it in specific locations. The default database is located within the MCS application directory and should not be modified, as any changes will be overwritten if a new MCS version is installed. A modified limits database must be located within a data folder in the MCS User directory, and must be named limits.xml. For example if your MCS user directory is <span style=”font-style:italic;”>C:\Users\myname\MCS</span> you should save your changes under C:\Users\myname\MCS\data\limits.xml or the MCS won’t see them.
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