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Limit Editor Window


Application Menu

1. Application Menu


Add Range button

2. Add Range button
Add a new limit definition range.


Delete Range button

3. Delete Range button
Remove the selected limit definition.


Limit Definition List

4. Limit Definition List
List of currently defined limit definitions


Selected Limit

5. Selected Limit
Currently selected limit definition.


Limit Definition Label

6. Limit Definition Label
Name of the current limit definition.


Start of Limit Definition

7. Start of Limit Definition
Frequency where the limit definition begins.


End of Limit Definition

8. End of Limit Definition
Frequency where the limit definition ends.


Unit of Limit Values

9. Unit of Limit Values
Unit in which the limit values are defined. The MCS will convert measurement values to this unit for comparison when possible.


Adjust Limit Values

10. Adjust Limit Values
When enabled, the editor will automatically convert existing limit levels when the unit is changed. Warning: converting to another unit and then converting back will not always result in the original values.


Select Limit Curve Color

11. Select Limit Curve Color
Select a specific color to be used for the Spectrum View Limit Curve.


Add Limit Value

12. Add Limit Value
Add a new limit level


Limit Value List

13. Limit Value List
List of different levels defined in the currently selected range. The limit value for a given frequency will be interpolated based on the given Frequencies, Values and Interpolation mode.


Remove Limit Value

14. Remove Limit Value
Remove the selected limit level.


Limit Curve Preview

15. Limit Curve Preview
A simple preview how the Limit curve of the current definition would look in the Spectrum View.


Preview Frequency Scaling

16. Preview Frequency Scaling
Selects linear or lagarithmic scaling of the limit graph preview.
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