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Hardware Reset

Short Instructions

A wrong or not completed firmware update can be restored as follows:
  • Open the battery compartment and disconnect the battery in the device (pull the plug)

  • Disconnect charger from SPECTRAN

  • Connect the SPECTRAN via USB to the PC

  • Connect the charger to the SPECTRAN

  • Hold the ENTER key and press the ON button at your SPECTRAN once. SPECTRAN now starts an emergency program and logs on to the PC. The SPECTRAN starts but on the screen there is no indicator.

  • Now you can start a new firmware update. If it is completed, press the MENU button and the the CLEAR button directly. Don’t forget to make a Factory-Reset (You can find it in the SPECTRAN menu, menu point “Setup” and run the entry “Factor” by pressing the ENTER-button). Don’t use the LCS software for updating!

Now the device should work properly again.

Detailed Instructions

A wrong or not completed firmware update may cause your device to not boot anymore. By following these instructions you can reset your SPECTRAN after a bad firmware update to its default configuration. Please follow the instructions exactly.
Open the battery box
To open the battery compartment you will need an ordinary screwdriver. Loosen the screw on the battery compartment cover until this can be removed easily.
You now have access to the battery itself and the connection of the SPECTRAN battery (see picture).
Disconnect the battery from the SPECTRAN
Unplug the charger from the SPECTRAN first. To disconnect the battery in the device, it must be lifted carefully with a screwdriver. It is important that the front edge of the battery is over the plug. So it is possible to pull the plug backward under the battery in the next step.
Unplugging the battery from the board requires some dexterity (the same applies when inserting).
Hold with one hand the raised battery. Now take the screwdriver and push the plug from the socket under the battery. If the plug is completely disconnected from the socket, the cable can be attached on to the battery.
Connect SPECTRAN to the PC
Connect the SPECTRAN via USB cable to the PC. Then connect the charger / power supply to make sure that your SPECTRAN can be turned on.
The emergency program
To start the emergency program, simultaneously press the “ENTER” and “ON ” button. The SPECTRAN now starts an emergency program and logs on to the PC. Please note that during the emergency program there is no indicator on the display!
Either start the already installed Firmware Updater or download (if not already done) the standalone version and unzip it into any directory. Open the “exe” file and the updater will start. On Windows Vista / 7 systems, an administration dialog can appear. In this dialog you have to click the “OK” button.
After starting, the updater should identify your SPECTRAN devices automatically. Please click the Perform Firmware Update button to start the update process and follow the instruction of the updater.
If the process is complete turn on the unit and press directly the MENU button and then the CLEAR button.
At the end of the updates you must perform a factory reset. Go to your SPECTRAN menu and select the entry “Setup”. Then select the item “Factor” and confirm with the ENTER key.
The device should now work properly.
Finally, connect the battery and close the battery compartment.
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