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Firmware Update Process

The update process is started by clicking the Perform Firmware Update button in the main window. This will perform various sanity checks that may require confirmation, like when attempting to downgrade the firmware or using a firmware that the program considers incompatible with the current device. At the very least you have to confirm that the device is connected to a power supply to minimize the risk of power loss during the update. Confirmation of these checks is required for the actual update to start.
When started a new dialog will be displayed to show the current status, and any errors that may be encountered. While the update is performed it is recommended to not use other applications on the system to minimize the risk of interference or operating system problems. When the update dialog is finished the new firmware is loaded on the device and the device will automatically power off. It is however necessary to power the device on again to let the program properly register and activate the new firmware. If you skip this step for any reason the device will use the new firmware, but will still report the previous version, and there will be no way to identify the current firmware version without completely restarting the update procedure.
As a last step it is strongly recommended to perform a factory reset of the device, to ensure that hotkey assignments and other settings are fully updated.
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