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Replaying a Recorded Measurement

You can use the MCS to replay a previously recorded measurement. A replay acts like a live measurement in most cases, except you cannot change device parameters for obvious reasons. Most other settings (graphics, measurement unit, reference/dynamic, …) that are not directly dependent on a device can however be adjusted. This allows you to analyze a measurement in different ways while operating on exactly the same dataset. Also a replay can be played back at various speeds, and the speed is only limited by your systems hardware, while live measurements are also limited by the Spectrans performance. This allows it to make a unattended long-time recording while having all analyzer options available on the recorded data in a fraction of the recorded time.

To start a replay simply open a MDR recording using the Load Measurement File menu entry. If there is currently already a replay in progress the MCS will ask you if you want to replace it with the new file. This allows you to either stop the current replay and start the new one instead, or let both replays run side by side. See Managing Multiple Devices for details on how to assign views to each replay.

When a replay is started the MCS will ask you for a delay between sweeps. This can be used to slow down the replay speed, either to give you more time to look at each sweep, or simply to reduce system load. If no delay is specified the sweeps will be played as fast as possible, which can result in the whole measurement (containing possibly many hours of data) being displayed within a few seconds, for short measurements you may even only see the end result.

You can control the replay with the standard Start Sweep and Stop Sweep actions, or with Pause Replay halt it temporarily and resume it later at the same position.

When done you can close the replay with the Close Measurement File menu entry.
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