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Setup Graphics Parameters: Spectrum View

When you start the MCS by default there is already a single Spectrum view open, set up to visualize the most recent measurement data received from the device. This way you can directly check that your device is connected properly and the MCS is receiving data.


In the Spectrum Control you can adjust the Reference level and Dynamic range, or just use the Adjust-Level button to let the MCS determine suitable values automatically. Changing the Reference level simply moves the graph up or down, while the Dynamic range determines the vertical resolution of the graph.

Measurement values below the Cut off Level are discarded, this way you can remove noise from the graph.

The other important group of settings determine which traces are displayed in the graph. By default only the current Sweep (“Clear Trace”) is shown, but you can also enable/disable graphs for minimum, maximum and average values as well as adding multiple reference traces.

If the Channels / Providers option is checked a semi-transparent overlay is shown in the graph that displays the allocated frequencies based on the selected sweep profile.

Please read Spectrum Control and View for a more detailed explanation of all available settings.
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