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1. Start Sweep
See Start Sweep menu entry. Keeping the button pressed for more than a second will open a submenu with some additional options regarding sweep behavior: To stop the sweep after the first sweep is finished, and to not load the default profile.

2. Pause Replay
See Pause Replay menu entry

3. Stop Sweep
See Stop Sweep menu entry

4. Connect GPS Device
Connects a GPS device to the current Spectran device if available. Note that currently only Aaronia GPS logger and the XFR internal GPS are supported.

5.  Loop Replay
See Loop Replay menu entry

6. Read Environment
See Read Environment menu entry

7. Reset Device
Attempts to reset the device settings to the default profile.

8. Print
See Print menu entry

9. Start / Stop Recording
This button starts / stops recording of a measurement. If recording is active it also displays the current duration of the recorded data.

See Start Recording menu entry and Stop Recording menu entry

10. Remove Graphic
See Remove Graphic menu entry

11. Add Graphics
See Add Graphic menu entry

12. Manage Sessions
See Sessions menu

13. Undo
See Undo menu entry

14. Redo
See Redo menu entry

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