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Spectran Menu


This menu contains device related actions for connection management and controlling advanced features. Note that some actions may not be available, either because the device doesn’t support the feature or because the action isn’t valid for current device or software mode.

1. Device Manager
Opens the device manager where you can connect and disconnect individual USB devices. See Managing Multiple Devices for details. Note that the device manager does not handle replays or devices connected over network.

In most cases using Start Sweep is the easier and faster way to connect a device though.

2. Create Pseudo Spectran
See Multisweep Mode. Warning: This function is experimental and potentially unstable, use at your own risk.

3. Network Connection
Opens the network connection dialog. See Spectran Remote Control for details.

4. Disconnect
Closes the connection of the current device or replay file. Unlike Device Manager this works for all data sources: USB devices, network devices and replay files. Views and Controls currently assigned to the device will not be closed, but may loose any device related data, so you should use Stop Sweep instead if you just want to stop the measurement.

Note that closing the connection by other means (like unplugging the USB or network cable) will have the same effects as Disconnect, but may leave the device in an unknown state preventing a reconnect until it is powered off and on again.

5. Receiver Configuration
If the current device supports it you can select its receiver mode with this submenu. See your Spectran Manual for details.

6. Read Environment
Reads the current settings of the device and transfers them into the MCS software. This is useful if you change settings directly on the device as the MCS will not be notified about such changes automatically.

7. Filemanager
Opens the Spectran Filemanager for the current device.

8. Device Information
Opens a dialog containing Detailed Device Information for the current device or replay.

9. Enable / Disable Cache
Enables a cache on the current device if supported. This may have an effect on performance, but is usually not visible.

10. Enable / Disable Spectran Display
To conserve battery power, the MCS will disable the display of a device when a connection is established and the device supports this. It can be reenabled with this option.

11. Noisefloor Level Calibration
Recalibrate the Noisefloor of the current device. See Calibration Control for details.

12. Recalibrate Static Sensor
Opens the Recalibrate Static Sensor dialog.

13. Factory Reset
Instructs the current device to perform a factory reset, which will discard all current settings and user modifications. This operation is not supported by all devices.

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