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Measurement Menu


1. Start Sweep
When no device is connected this action tries to find and connect to a USB device. If there is more than one USB device attached to the system it will open the connection manager so you can select which device you want to use. If no device could be found you will see an error message.

If a device is connected this action then tells it to send measurement data with the current sweep parameters.

2. Stop Sweep
Tells the current device to stop sending measurement data, but does not disconnect it.

3. Load Measurement File
Opens a file selection dialog where you can select a recorded measurement for replay. See Replaying a Recorded Measurement.

4. Close Measurement File
Has the same effect as Disconnect, but only if the current “device” is a replay file.

5. Start Recording
Opens a file dialog to set the target for the recording. The MCS will determine the recording backend to use based on the chosen filename. Some backends (like MDR) may allow you to enter additional information to be stored with the measurement. Note that the recording only starts when all dialogs opened by this action are closed and that the selected file will be overwritten if it already exists.

See Recording a Measurement for more details.

6. Stop Recording
Ends the current recording. No more data will be recorded once it is stopped, and the recording file will be closed. Calling Start Recording again will start a new recording with a new file.

7. Pause Replay
Pauses the running replay at the current position. Selecting this entry again will resume the replay.

8. Loop Replay
If enabled the current replay will automatically restart at the beginning after the last sweep has been replayed, acting like an infinite measurement. Note that in this mode the recorded timestamps are ignored, so e.g. the Daylog and Waterfall will show the current time instead.

9. Generate Report
This function allows to generate a configurable, printable report using predefined report templates. This feature is still in development and may not be fully functional.

10. Quit Application
Stops all recodings, disconnects any devices and terminates the application.

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