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Help Menu


1. Open Manual
Opens the MCS manual in your browser.

2. About
Opens an dialog listing version and copyright information about the application.

3. Check for Updates
If you have Auto-Check for Software Updates disabled it’s recommended to manually check for updates from time to time using this entry.


Clicking the “Download the latest version” will open the download link in your browser. It is recommended to close the MCS before running the setup program of the new version.

4. Aaronia Homepage
Opens the Aaronia AG homepage in your standard browser.

5. Aaronia Support Forum
Opens the Aaronia Support Forum website in your standard browser. There you can ask questions, provide feedback and exchange yourself with other MCS and Spectran users.

6. Show Debug Console
Opens a window that shows various debug messages generated by the software. This can be used for troubleshooting problems. The messages are also recorded in a logfile in the MCS user directory.

7. Additional Documentation
The remaining entries in the Help menu link to external documentation regarding specific topics not yet fully covered in this manual.

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