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Graphics Menu


1. Remove Graphic
Activates the “Remove Graphics” mode. While this mode is active you can click in any view (not control) to remove it. After a view is removed the “Remove Graphics” mode is disabled and the remaining views will be resized automatically. When the last view is removed as well the view area will stay empty though until another view is added again.

To leave the “Remove Graphics” mode without removing a view press the right mouse button.

2. Add Graphic
This entry includes a submenu when selected where you can choose what type of view should be added to the view area. This also allows creating multiple views of the same type. The new view will automatically be assigned to the current device if possible.

3. Print
Opens a print dialog to generate a hardcopy of all currently active views.

4. Create Report Template
Creates a template file for the Generate Report function using the currently configured views and their settings as reference.
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