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Extras Menu


1. Look & Feel
Contains options to select / unselect graphical themes to adjust the visual appearance of the application.

2. Select Language
Opens a dialog to select a different translation for the user interface. Note that some elements will only use the new translation after restarting the MCS.

3. Application Settings
Opens the Settings Dialog. Please refer to Application Settings for a detailed listing of available settings.

4. Open MCS User Directory
Opens the MCS User Directory in a file manager (Exporer on Windows, Finder on MacOS). This directory is used for storing sessions, logfiles, overrides for Data Files and other user-supplied contents used by the MCS.

5. Open MCS Install Directory
Opens the MCS Installation Directory in a file manager (Exporer on Windows, Finder on MacOS). This is mainly useful for troubleshooting to quickly check if certain files are present without having to manually find the directory in the filesystem.

6. Generate Mapfile
Opens the GPX import dialog. See Generate Google Earth Map.

7. Profile Editor
Opens the Profile Editor.

8. Limits Editor
Opens the Limits Editor.

9. Calibration Editor
Opens the Calibration Editor.

10. Load Demo File
Allows quick access to a set of recorded demo files in the MCS data directory for presentation purposes. The files must be named demo1.mdr to demo8.mdr.

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