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Main Screen Layout



The image above shows the (default) location of the main MCS user interface elements:


1. Titlebar
The titlebar has the usual functions as in other applications. It includes the following information which may be useful for troubleshooting:


  • Full name of the software
  • Whether software or hardware (OpenGL) rendering mode is used
  • Version of the software
  • Name of the active session
  • Short description of current device or replay

2. Menubar



3. Toolbar


The Toolbar provides direct access to some of the more common actions that are contained in the different menus of the Menubar. Unlike the Menubar the Toolbar can be adjusted in size and location, by using the context menu. Just right-click on a free area (where no button is) of the Toolbar, and select your preferred orientation, icon size and how actions should be displayed (with/without text and/or icon).


4. Sidebar


On the left side of the MCS main window is the sidebar, which is used to show and hide the different Controls. Controls can be activated by either clicking the associated button, or with the F1-F9 keyboard shortcuts. When a control for a view is activated and the view is not present it will automatically be added together with the control.


5. Controls


Controls are, as the name implies, used for controlling connected devices and displayed views. By default when a control is activated it is shown between the Sidebar area and the Views area. Each control however provides a titlebar that can be used to reaarrange its position via simple drag and drop. The MCS tries to remember the position of each control, so when it is closed and opened again later its position can be restored as good as possible.


Please see Views and Controls for a description of the available controls.


The main area of the MCS window is occupied by one or more views that display the data received from a Spectran device in different ways. The chapter Views and Controls contains a detailed description for each view.


Unlike Controls views currently cannot be moved or reordered, order is solely determined by creation time. If more than one view is opened you can however change how the vertical space is allocated between them, by clicking and dragging the frame between two views.


7. Statusbar
Like in other applications the statusbar displays various informational messages. It also shows some performance data and includes the device selection box to assign different devices to views, see Managing Multiple Devices for details.
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