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Trigger Editor


1. Trigger Label
Identifier for the Trigger in the Spectrum View.

2. Enable Trigger
Enable the Trigger after closing the editor. This means it can also immideatly fire a event and be stopped.

3. Trace for Trigger Events
Select the trace that the trigger should operate on.

4. Trigger by Value
Select a value that the trigger must exceed to cause a trigger event. This is basically the same as selecting a reference trace with a constant level over the whole frequency range.

5. Trigger by Limit
Select a limit that the trigger must violate to cause a trigger event.

6. Trigger by Reference Trace
Select a stored reference trace that the trigger must exceed to cause a trigger event.

7. Limit Trigger Frequency Range
Limit the trigger checks to the specified frequency range. This is on top of an eventual frequency range in the selected limit / reference trace.

8. Trigger Type
Select if the trigger should fire if a value is above or below the specified limit.

9. Restart Trigger manually
Stops the trigger after an event and only enable it again when manually started. This option ensures that a trigger will not flood the user repeatedly with signals.

10. Restart Trigger automatically
Stops the trigger after an event and restarts it after a specified delay. This can be useful for actions that require no user interaction like screenshots. Please make sure that the delay is longer than the time required to process the specified actions.

11. Persistent Trigger
Do not stop the trigger after an event. This means that it can fire many times within fractions of a second, and all specified actions will be executed each time. There this is not recommended when using any actions that require user interaction as it can effectively block the application. In most cases the automatic restart is a better option.

12. Stop Measurement when trigger is executed
In addition to the trigger restart you can also completely stop the measurement after a trigger event if desired. Though a screenshot action is most likely the better alternative.

13. Trigger Actions
Specify the actions to be performed when the trigger fires. See next section for details.

14. Reset Changes
Undo all changes made to the trigger in the editor, but do not close the editor.

15. Cancel Trigger Editor
Close the trigger editor without applying the changes made. In case of trigger creation the trigger will not be created.

16. Apply Changes
Apply all changes to the edited trigger and close the dialog.

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