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Trigger Action Dialog


1. Action Type
Select the type of the action to be performed

  •  Command: You can call an external application including arguments with this on each trigger event. Note that you may have to specify the full path to the executable, the application may start in the background and only the specified arguments are given.
  •  Audio: Plays a soundfile whenever the trigger fires. If no soundfile is specified a standard windows sound is used. Note that only .wav files are supported.
  •  Message: Display the specified message in a dialog when the trigger fires.
  •  Screenshot: Create a screenshot of the spectrum view on each trigger event. If a directory is specified a new file with a generated name is created per event, if a filename is specified the previous file will be overwritten. If no location is specified it will default to create new screenshots in the MCS data directory.
  •  Recording: When the trigger fires the MCS starts recording the measurement at the specified location (see Screenshot for details). If the MCS is already recording a warning message will be displayed.

2. Action Argument
Specify the location, command or message text to be used for the action. This field will change based on the selected action type.

3. Confirm Action Dialog
Add / Modify the action to the trigger and close the dialog.

4. Cancel Action Dialog
Close the dialog without adding / modifying the action to the trigger.

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