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Spectran Remote Control

While the primary use of the MCS is to display data from USB-connected devices it can also be used to connect to Spectran devices over the network. This feature is available with our RSA class of spectrum analyzers that can be accessed by the MCS over a TCP/IP network connection.

Simply create a network connection with the Network Connection menu entry, enter or select the hostname or IP address of the RSA system, select the port where the server is configured to listen and click connect. For security reasons a username / password authentication si required as one RSA system can be accessed by multiple MCS instances at the same time. If all went right the MCS establishes a network connection to the RSA and you can use it almost like a USB connected device. There are a few limitations however:

  •  Some low-level features may not work correctly.
  •  Data may be buffered by the network, so the display can “jump”.
  •  External tools like Firmware Updater will not see the network connection.
  •  Network connections over IPv6 are untested.
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