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Spectran Filemanager

The Spectran Filemanager enables you to reprogram the keyboard of a Spectran device for your use-cases as well as showing the internal log-files in a human-readable format.


1. Create New File
Open a new File with a free file number and a auto-generated description. Note that you have to explicitly upload the file before it exists in the Spectran filesystem.

2. Reload Selected File
Reload the contents of the currently active file from the Spectran filesystem.

3. Delete Selected File
Remove the currently open file from the Spectran filesystem.

4. Save Selected File to Disk
Save the currently open file as ASCII text on disk, so you can open it in your favourite editor.

5. Load File from Disk
Replace the content of the current file with the content from a local ASCII text file.

6. Upload Selected File to Spectran
Compile P-Code and upload the compiled program to your Spectran.

7. Upload All Files to Spectran
Compile all currently open P-Code files and upload the programs to your Spectran.

8. Validate P-Code Syntax
Check the current file for P-Code syntax errors.

9. Export Filesystem to Disk
Export selected parts of the Spectran filesystem as binary image on disk for backup purposes.

10. Import Filesystem from Disk
Import a binary filesystem image from disk to restore previously exported files. Files that were not included in the export image will not be restored, removed or otherwise modified.

11. Menubar
Contains all toolbar actions. The “Extras” menu also includes an entry to rescan the Spectran filesystem for modifications which might be required if it was modified by another application than the MCS.

12. Filesystem Viewer
Lists the available files (usually P-Code programs) in the Spectran filesystem.

13. Filesystem Category
Each file is listed in one of several predefined categories, for example the “Navigation” group contains the programs for the arrow, “Clear” and “Enter” keys. Files created by users are listed in the “Personal” category.

14. Filesystem Entry
Each P-Code program in the filesystem is listed with its description.

15. Editor Statusbar
Messages from editing the currently open file are listed here

16. Filemanager Statusbar
Global messages from the Filemanager are listed here.

17. File Number
Every file in the Spectran filesystem must have a unique ID number, as the Spectran has no concept of filenames. Also certain ID number ranges are reserved for internal purposes.

18. File Description
With the MCS Spectran Filemanager you can assign each file a user-friendly description. This is a MCS specific feature, so the description may not be available in other applications.

19. File Contents
Displays the actual file content in a human-readable format, usually as P-Code source or logdata.

20. Open Files Tabs
The tabs allow you to jump between multiple open files.

21. File Content Type
Shows the display format of the current file. This will be one of “P-Code Source”, “Logger Data” or “Hexadecimal”.

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