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Recalibrate Static Sensor

NF Spectran devices can include an optional 3D Static Sensor to measure magnetic fields. By default this sensor is calibrated at zero-level so you can get absolute readings. In some cases you may however want to see relative readings against a known environment level instead, for those situations the MCS allows you to recalibrate the Static Sensor yourself.

Warning: The recalibration of the MCS will overwrite the default zero-level calibration. The MCS can not restore the default calibration! Therefore use this feature at your own risk!

To start a recalibration select the Recalibrate Static Sensor menu entry. This will show a reminder that this operation is not reversible, and then open the recalibration dialog. Also if the device is currently sweeping it will be stopped. The recalibration process itself can then be started by clicking the Start Recalibration button. It will take several minutes, during that time the device will record the current environment level at all three axes and compute the calibration offsets. While the recalibration is running the device should not be disconnected or powered off. If you click Stop Calibration before the process is complete the MCS will restore the previous calibration offset.

After the recalibration is finished the MCS will reconnect the device and restart the sweep if it was stopped previously.
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