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Multisweep Mode

Experimental virtualization feature: Each physical Spectran device can alternate between different settings (e.g. GSM900, GSM1800 and WLAN) by creating separate “pseudo” devices for each profile. The “real” device will switch between those pseudo devices after each completed sweep. Depending on the physical device and the settings of each profile you can almost simultaneously monitor multiple frequency ranges this way. Except for very few exceptions the pseudo devices are completely independent of each other, so changing frequency span or dynamic on one does not affect the others.

To use this feature first change to virtualization mode by using the Create Pseudo Spectran menu entry, this will also create a second virtual device and let you choose a new sweep profile for it. The first virtual device will keep using whatever settings were used on the physical device. You can then create additional devices by extra calls of the same menu entry, and select different profiles for them. Note that after switching to virtualization mode you must disconnectall pseudo devices before you can reconnect to the real device.

This feature is still experimental and may not work reliably, as settings of different pseudo devices can get mixed up over time due to hardware limitations. If you need to measure multiple frequency ranges in parallel regulary it is recommended to use a separate physical device for each.
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