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Measurement Triggers

Triggers are used to automatically respond to certain measurement events like:

  •  A limit curve was exceeded
  •  A peak has exceeded a given level
  •  A peak has dropped below a given level

Available automatic actions are:

  •  Playing a user specified audio file or a default notification signal
  •  Display a user message in a separate dialog
  •  Execute a user command
  •  Create a screenshot of the spectrum when the trigger was executed

Trigger activation

The trigger controls are available at the Spectrum controller and are disabled by default. To activate the triggers, you have to click the check box left beside the “Trigger” label. Triggers are drawn at the Spectrogram using different colours: Gray is used for triggers that are currently not enabled and were not triggered before. Yellow is used to indicate an active trigger and Red to indicate triggers that were disabled to to being triggered. See the next section for trigger options.
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