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Matrix Calibration Editor


1. Table of Trace Pairs

2. Update Matrix
Update / Generate the actual calibration matrix from the specified parameters. This button will be red if the matrix is out of date and green if it is current.

3. New Setup
Clear the matrix and all data entered for a fresh start.

4. Remove Selected Data Source
Remove the selected trace pair and all data associated with it.

5. Save Setup
Save the matrix including parameters to a specified file.

6. Add new Data Source
Add a new trace pair line to the matrix configuration.

7. Load Setup
Load a previously stored matrix configuration.

8. Trace Data Table
Shows the points of the selected trace, including the calculated difference at each point to the corresponding measurement/reference trace. Each Frequency and value can also be edited.

9. Update View
Force an update of the preview area. By default it is only updated when trace selection changes.

10. Clear Trace
Clear the configured data of the currently selected trace.

11. Remove Entry
Remove the selected frequency / value pair.

12. Add Entry
Add a new frequency / value pair.

13. Load Trace
Load data from an existing trace into the table. This can be either a stored reference trace or data from the currently connected Spectran device.

14. Save Trace
Store the currently selected trace as a reference trace file.

15. Preview Area
Shows the currently selected trace pair in a spectrum view. If “Show Live Spectran Data” is selected the view will also display the current measurement data. If “Enable Matrix Calibration” is enabled you can directly see the effect of the current matrix calibration (Note: if the matrix is outdated this option will perform an automatic update which can take a bit).

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