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Marker Editor


1. Enable / Disable Markers
Each existing Marker can be enabled / disabled individually with the checkbox on the left.

2. Marker Indices
Displays the unique index number of each Marker that will be used in the Spectrum View.

3. Marker Labels
Displays the label that will be used in the Marker Legend in the Spectrum View

4. Display Marker Value in Spectrum View
If checked the measurement value of the Marker will be displayed inside the Spectrum View, if unchecked it will only be listed in the Marker Legend.

5. Display Vertical Line at Marker Frequency
If checked a vertical line is drawn at the current marker frequency, which may help in locating markers.

6. Trace assigned to Marker
Each Marker can be assigned to a specific trace in the Spectrum. For example you can add a Dynamic Maximum Marker to both the Current Sweep and the Maximum trace to keep track of the current and the absolute maximum of a measurement. Note that not all traces are available for marker assignments.

7. Marker Type
Select if the marker should follow peaks (Dynamic Frequency) or just record the value at a given frequency (Fixed Frequency).

8. Dynamic Marker Peak Selection
For Dynamic Markers you can select if they should follow Maximum or Minimum peaks.

9. Fixed Marker Frequency Selection
You can set the desired frequency for Fixed Markers here, either manually or using one of the options in the “find” menu. See Marker Frequency Selection for details.

10. Reference Marker
Select a Reference Marker that will be used as base for displaying measurement and frequency offsets in the Spectrum View and Marker Legend.

11. Remove Existing Marker
Remove the Marker in this row.

12. Add New Marker
Create a new Marker with the parameters set in this row.

13. Resort Markers by Index
Resort Markers in the editor by ascending index order, so they have the same order as in the Marker Legend.

14. Save Marker Configuration
Store the current Marker configuration on disk.

15. Load Marker Configuration
Load a previously stored Marker configuration, either replacing or extending the current setup.

16. Remove All Markers
Remove all currently configured markers.

17. Close Marker Editor
Close the Marker Editor and update the Spectrum View.

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