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KML Export Dialog


1. GPX Input File Selection
Select the GPX input file that contains the logged coordinates.

2. MCS Input File Selection
Select the MCS input file that contains the recorded measurement data. Both MDR and CSV files can be used here.

3. KML Output File Selection
Select the KML output filename where the generated mapfile should be written.

4. Export Measurement Data As Elevation
Change the altitude of each merged waypoint to the associated measurement value (relative to the defined Maximum Elevation). For example if the minimum measured value was -105 dBm, the maximum value was -55 dBm and the defined maximum elevation is 1000 m, a value of -80 dBm would result in a elevation of 500 m, and a value of -65 dBm in a elevation of 800 m.
If the Preserve GPS Altitudes option is enabled these elevations are added to the existing altitude values.

5. Maximum Elevation
Define the maximum elevation value to be used for visualizing measurement values.

6. Export Measurement Data as Labels
Create labels for each merged measurement record. If disabled you must enable Export Measurement Data as Elevation or the resulting KML file will be empty.

7. Keep GPS Waypoint Names
Use the labels defined in the GPX file also in the KML file. If the GPX file doesn’t define any labels the generator will use timestamps instead.

8. Use Timestamps as Waypoint Names
Rename merged waypoints with their timestamp.

9. Erase Waypoint Names
Create waypoints without names.

10. Export Track Data
Create KML track elements for Maximum, Average and Minimum measurements.

11. Preserve Original GPS Data
Copy the original GPS track into the KML file.

12. Preserve GPS Altitudes
When selected copies the recorded GPS altitude into the KML file. This may put values above or below ground in the viewing application, so you should only enable this when needed.

13. Use Google Earth Altitudes
Let the viewing application use its internal altitudes for each point. This ensures that Measurement Elevations will be displayed correctly (if elevation is zero the point is displayed directly on ground level).

14. Cancel
Close the dialog without performing any processing.

15. Generate Mapfile
Read both the GPX and MCS input files and try to merge them, then generate a KML output file with the selected options.

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