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Detailed Device Information

Generally the MCS uses either the device description (including device type and model) or the serial number of a device in the user interface. However sometimes you may need more information about the connected device. For these cases the MCS contains an extensive device information dialog, listing details like board revision or firmware update history. This dialog can be opened with the Device Information menu entry. It is also available in the Firmware Updater.

When opening the dialog on a replayed measurement some fields like Firmware updates are not available, instead some extra information from the recording is displayed.


1. Device Model
Complete model string including device type

2. Device Description
Description as displayed in the connection manager.

3. Device Serial Number
Serial number of the device used to identify it by Aaronia

4. Current Firmware Version
Firmware version currently used on the device.

5. First Firmware Version
Firmware version with which the device was originally programmed

6. Board Revision
Exact version of the device board

7. Device Calibration Date
Date when the device was last calibrated completely.

8. Firmware Update History
List of all performed firmware updates including date.

9. Device Hardware Options
List of hardware options of this device, marked as checked if the option is installed and unchecked if not installed. The options in this list depend on the current device.

10. Close Dialog
Close the Dialog.

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