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Application Settings

Auto Check for Software Updates
When enabled (the default) the MCS will check for available updates on each start.

Restore Geometry and State on Startup
If enabled (the default) the MCS will try to open at the same position and size it had when it was closed.

Scrollable Controller Windows
Enables (default) or disables optional scrollbars in each control. When scrollbars are disabled and a control is activated that exceeds the current window height the MCS will try to resize the window so the complete control is visible, and will prevent you from making the window smaller than the control.

Enable Hardware RendererEnable or disable (default) optional OpenGL graphics acceleration. This can significantly improve performance in some cases, but can cause problems when your graphics drivers don’t fully support OpenGL acceleration, and may also decrease display quality in some circumstances.

Enable Renderer Antialiasing
If enabled views will render their contents with aliasing enabled, which can improve display quality and readability of text elements. This may however decrease performance.

Result Scaling Level
In the Result Control if the peak value to be displayed is less than this setting it will be rescaled to a different unit. For example if the measured value is 0.05 Watt and this setting is set to 10, the displayed value will be 50 milli Watt. If the setting is 100, the displayed value would be 50000 micro Watt.

Restore State when Loading Sessions
Same as “Restore Geometry and State on Startup” above, but applies when loading a session instead of startup.

Sidebar Icon Size
Controls the size of the icons in the Sidebar.

Sidebar Button Style
Controls how the sidebar buttons are displayed: 0 = Icons only, 1 = Text only, 2 = Text beside Icons, 3 = Text below Icons.

Enable Mouse Control of Spectrum
When enabled (the default) allows you to change sweep frequency parameters and display range and reference in the Spectrum View around by dragging the x- or y-axis with the mouse, or by selecting an area within the graph (“Rubberband” selection). Also a double-click at a given point will activate the zero-span mode where only a single frequency is measured. If disabled mouse control in the Spectrum View is mostly disabled except for checkboxes and scrollbars.

Use dynamic Color for Channel Display
When enabled sections in the Channel Info Overlay that do not have a specific color assigned to them will use a dynamically chosen color. If disabled (the default) sections without specific color are drawn in dark blue.

Peak Suppression Enabled
If enabled (the default) the MCS will automatically enable the Peak Suppression for new device connections, using the given filename as source. You can still disable it manually later though. When disabled Peak Suppression has to be enabled manually.

Sweep Buffer Size
Sets the maximum size of the internal sweep data buffer for each device (in MegaByte), which is for example used to compute the average trace of the measurement. When newly arriving data does not fit within the defined buffer size old data will be dropped to avoid excessive memory usage.

The default value should be more than sufficient for any use case, however if using multiple devices in parallel and/or other memory-intensive views (like Waterfall or Histogram), or when using other applications in parallel on systems with limited memory it may be useful to reduce this value to maintain performance. Even at minimum value the buffer should be large enough for all typical use cases.

Start Profile (HF / NF)
Selects the standard profile to be used when connecting a HF / NF Spectran device.

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